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Vastu Shastra

Vastu for Happy Married Life

Every person in this world hopes to have a happily married life in future. However, for many, the dream remains just a dream and not a reality. Now, you may be wondering that even after marrying the person whom one loves, the marriage does not remain a rosy affair. Why does a relationship, which was all so romantic and blissful before tying the knot, ends to be a sour one? The problem is - wrong placements of important objects. Vastu defects can cause dramatic effects on the personal life of an individual. So, in case you are looking to amend your home and end up living a happy married life, read through the vasthu tips and guidelines given in the following lines.

Vaastu Tips For Happy Married Life

  • Ideally, the bedroom should be placed in the south west corner of the house. Do not have the bedroom in the south east corner, as it is mainly for fire place. A southeast room would cause clashes between the couple.

  • In the room, the bed should be in the southwest portion, with the head-side in the south direction. A bed positioned in the northern and eastern zone of the bedroom would cause mental stress and financial instability.

  • Though metal beds are in vogue and much in fashion, idyllically according to vastu shastra, wooden beds should be used.

  • The shape of the bedroom should be preferably square or rectangular. Irregular shaped rooms are not advisable.

  • As for the color of the bedroom, green, light blue and rose pink are ideal ones. While light colors are preferable, avoid red.

  • Many-a-times there occurs friction between family members. This is mainly because of the positioning of the gas stove and sink. While the gas stove represents agni (fire), the sink stands for water. If agni element and water element are wrongly placed, relations in a family are affected.

  • Sharp objects such as knife and scissors should be covered. The same is applicable to pickles as well. Openly placed knife and scissors or pickles creates sourness in relations.

  • Couples aspiring for children should never sleep in a northeast room. The strong magnetic energies act as a barrier. Also, make sure that the room does not have any sharp colors or objects. The placement of water tank also acts as a hindrance in conception. A water tank placed in the southwest direction is absolutely prohibited.

  • Mirrors are a strict no-no for the bedroom. Also, computers and TV are not advisable to be in the room. However, if you have TV and computer in bedroom, cover them with a cloth while sleeping in the night.

  • Paintings that symbolize death, quarrels, violence or any negative aspect of life are not permissible in the house.

  • For maintaining a prosperous love life, make sure that the color of the room is not dull. Also, there should not be any single identity in the couple room, such as duck and butterfly. Avoid any thing that causes stress in the bedroom.

  • Never sleep under the beam. It causes unnecessary pressure and also is detrimental in terms of health.

  • Money should be kept in the northern or eastern side of the house. This way you would be able to attain financial stability.

  • Make sure that the underground water tank is not in the south-west direction.


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