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Prime Minister Modi welcomes President Putin to meet face-to-face on December 6

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Not ideal for ceremonies, President Putin will hold intimate talks with Prime Minister Modi at the latter’s residence in Lok Kalyan Marg, followed by dinner during the Russian leader’s brief visit. to India due to the tense conditions prevailing in Moscow.
Joining hands to tackle new challenges affecting strategic stability at regional and global levels, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will host Russian President Vladimir Putin for a one-on-one bilateral meeting followed by dinner at his residence in Lok Kalyan Marg (LKM) on December 6.
As in his previous visit to Delhi on October 5, 2018, President Putin will focus on in-depth discussions with Prime Minister Modi on Afghanistan, The Pacific, strategic stability, climate change, the Middle East and terrorism at the LKM compound don’t go through complicated ceremonial procedures. Some time ago, a small tent was set up inside the Prime Minister’s residence, where the two friends had intimate exchanges about delicious Indian dishes in the presence of only performers. . The two dialogues plus two dialogues between the defense and foreign ministers of India and Russia are scheduled to take place the same day before the summit.
While President Putin’s visit is expected to last several hours due to the Covid situation raging in Russia, it could be extended because of the talks between the two leaders who have close personal relations. The setting is known to go on for hours, up to a few hours after morning. morning.
Although India and Russia will sign some agreements that day, the two countries are unaffected by the Modi government’s tumult over the acquisition of S400 missile systems that Moscow has been waiting for since. long. As the media reports whenever India goes to war with the US or Russia threatens Washington to impose CATSA-based sanctions in New Delhi, the Modi government has protracted discussions. with the Biden administration on the issue of understanding each other’s positions. The relevance of the S400 systems to India is very important today, as the Chinese PLA has deployed similar Russian systems at Ngari Gar Gunsa airbase, next to Demchok in Ladakh LAC, and at Nyingchi airbase next to Arunachal Pradesh LAC. The PLA is now fully deployed at LAC Ladakh with no less than three divisions, missile and missile regiments and the Air Force on standby. China has deployed two S400 systems to India and three systems to protect Beijing and its east coast from Taiwan. They are currently in discussions with the Russians to acquire the S500 systems which are in the final stages of development.
“It should be understood that the purchase of five S400 systems was contracted in early 2018 when other options were not on the table. This is an inevitable demand against China, which has had a formidable arsenal of collective agreements since May 2020,” said a former Foreign Minister familiar with the matter.
Although Prime Minister Modi and President Putin are known to have in-depth discussions on global and regional events, the main focus this time will be on the stability of Afghanistan under the Taliban regime, as there is a possibility. The current turmoil in Kabul spread to the republics of Central Asia. and even Pakistan. The rise of ISKP and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, run by the inexperienced Taliban, will not only rally all the jihadists in Kabul but will also trigger extremism around the world, especially in Afghanistan. in neighboring countries. Both India and Russia believe that the Taliban first ensure legitimacy in Afghanistan before seeking international recognition.
Another major topic of discussion will be the Indian Ocean as new sea routes to Europe via the Arctic Circle will open up due to climate change and in this context the discussion will focus on China’s posture. States and America in East Asia. Despite Russia’s close relationship with China, Moscow has its own strategic perception of its global standing as it has the capacity and ability to stand on its own.
Just as Russia has good relations with China, India also has good relations with the US, but the basic equation between the particularly secular strategic allies has not changed and under Prime Minister Modi will not change. .

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