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Yoga Gear Guide

Practicing yoga doesn't require any special equipment, but there are a few things that can make your asanas more beneficial and productive. Before starting a yoga class, you must know about the required gear so as to get the maximum benefit out of the yoga poses and exercises. So, given here is a complete Yoga gear guide to help you maximize your Yoga experience.

Invest In Comfortable Clothing
Comfortable clothes are necessary, especially when you have to do various body movements. Wear clothes that are stretchable, breathable, can absorb sweat, and offer your freedom of movement.

Get The Right Mat
Yoga poses are usually performed on mats, which are available in different sizes and materials. While you purchase, just make sure that the mat is not slippery and has in-built handles for carrying. Yoga mat should be of adequate size so that you can perform all types of poses without any space problem.

Purchase Yoga Gloves
To prevent hands and feet from slipping, yoga gloves make the right investment. Yoga gloves are available for both feet and hands; they are designed to prevent slipping on rugs, carpets and yoga mats. It is also for better grip as some people get sweat in hands, making them slippery.

Buy Yoga Props
Certain yoga poses or exercises call for props to help you perform them. Yoga block, also called yoga brick, is a prop that is used to give extra support and help modify exercises to your level of fitness. Generally blocks are made of wood, but are also made of foam. Yoga wedge, made out of wood, but generally of foam, are used to help ease pressure to your joints, while performing poses of Yoga. Back bender is another support item for your back. Benders are usually made from wood, but sometimes come in metal; they support your back during backbends and other back exercises. Bolsters, available in round and rectangular shapes, are also helpful in supporting various poses.

Purchase Yoga Video CDs
If you have made your mind to do yoga at home, buy a good video CD of Yoga. You can get yoga videos for almost every level of fitness, from beginner to advanced. These videos are helpful as they allow you to follow the instructor at your own pace. Moreover, you can pause the video to ensure you're doing the right movement.

Take Stretching Straps
Stretching Straps is another item that is useful for exercises that require stretching (legs and arms). It would enhance your stretching exercise. Besides, you may avert any kind of injury caused by pressure of muscles.

Lastly, you require a tote bag to carry all your gear in. Once you've arranged for Yoga gear, you're ready to practice yoga poses without any kind of problem.


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