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Tattooing Cost

One of the most commonly asked questions by people, seeking a tattoo done, is tattooing cost. Since long, tattoos are known to be pretty expensive, where the bigger ones costing up to thousands of dollars. A general rule of thumb that applies in the world of tattoos is you get what you pay for. The price of tattoo may vary according to country and area as well. Seeing the increasing demand for tattoos but limited number of tattoo artists, the prices of tattoos remain steady or get increased.

Tattoo artists usually charge in two ways, either by the hour or by the job performed. Remember that there are certain minimum charges for any work done, so confirm you get what you want and not just the smallest design offered. The artists, who charge by the hour, generally charge between 75 and 150 dollars per hour. However, the leading artists may charge even more than that. Most of the tattoos cost a minimum of fifty dollars, but can cost upto thousands of dollars over numerous tattoo sessions, according to the tattoo design. A base is required even for the very small tattoos done, keeping the cost and preparation of the equipment in mind.

Factors Affecting Tattooing Cost
There are many factors which can help you estimate the cost of a tattoo. For example, tattoo placement, the details and intricacy of the design you have selected, the number of colored inks which will be used in your tattoo, and its size, etc. Probably you've found designs and studios according to your requirements; you may still consider some other points rather than simply going by tattoo parlors which are charging lesser price.

  • The location of the tattoo affects the cost of tattoos largely as it is easy to apply a tattoo on some body parts than others. For example, it is easy to impress a smooth shoulder than the curvy lower back, as it requires extra time and patience by the artist.
  • Custom designed tattoos are costlier than copied designs. Custom work requires the artist to take time to create, draw and adjust the image, before the design is applied to the skin. An image copied from a printed image is much low-priced than custom work given that it is less labor-intensive.
  • Colors also affect the price of a tattoo, depending on how much color and how many colors will be used in the art. It cannot be judged according to a black or gray colored tattoo. Use of more colors again calls for more time on the design by the artist.
  • A tattoo with intricate design is expensive, as more details require more time to be spent on the image created.
  • The tattoo size is another obvious cost increase factor, because a larger design will require more time in inking the design to skin.
  • Leading tattoo artists usually charge more than what others do. According to the quality of work, tattoo price may differ.

Don’t Compromise On The Quality
While selecting a tattoo parlor, check out the quality and safety (safe handling and sanitizing methods) rather than focusing on the cost. After that, it is your decision to move on the line where quality and cost meet. Some tattoo artists may charge higher for their talent and the safety they stand for. Whereas other tattoo parlors may charge less but their work would be below average and probably dangerous. So, at the end, it's your decision, but it's recommended that don’t compromise on the quality


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