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Tattoo Ideas

You have finally decided to get a permanent tattoo for yourself. Now, the first step will comprise of finding a good tattoo parlor, which has an experienced and professional artist. At the same time, you need to be sure that the parlor takes care of hygiene and sanitary issues as well. The final decision will concern the design or theme that you want for the tattoo. It will depend, to a great extent, on you overall personality as well as your likes and dislikes. While selecting the design for your tattoo, keep in mind that it should reflect your individual identity. In case you want to explore some ideas on tattoo designs, the following lines will prove to be quite useful to you.

Design Ideas For Tattoos

  • One of the most popular tattoo designs comprises of the tribal ones, especially the Maori, Haida and Polynesian designs. Apart from that, people, these days, are also showing an interest in Native American tattoo designs.

  • Be it celebrities or the traditional tattoo enthusiasts, almost everyone find the star tattoo to be a good choice. The Nautical Star tattoo design has specifically wooed the tattoo lovers once again, both men and women.

  • There are many people, especially of the female gender, who are going in for angel tattoos. Such tattoos are mainly popular amongst those who believe in the concept of guardian angels.

  • Christians as well as those belonging to any other faith are going in for the cross tattoos as well. Such people like to flaunt the religious symbolism connoted by the tattoos.

  • Wings, as a tattoo, are liked by those who believe in the angels as well as those who would like to get something related to the spiritual or magical world. The popular designs in this category include angel wings and fairy wings. However, you can go for butterfly wings and bird wings as well.

  • Another genre of tattoos that is popular amongst both men and women comprises of dragon tattoos. Such tattoos reflect Japanese and Chinese culture in western tattooing. You can go for a fire dragon or water dragon.

  • If Japanese-style tattoos impress you, then you would surely love a phoenix as a tattoo. The tattoo reflects the rich mythological history of both eastern and western cultures.

  • Two of the most feminine tattoo designs comprise of butterfly tattoo and fairy tattoo. Gradually, these designs have started climbing the popularity ladder.

  • For all those who want their tattoo to reflect their pride, strength and power, a lion tattoo will be the best bet. The royal being finds a representation in both eastern and western cultures, further adding to its popularity. If not lion, you can go for the royal tiger as well.

  • One of the tattoo designs that are popular in members of both the sex comprises of sun and its various symbols. They are believed to serve as a reflection of the sun's profound symbolic nature.

  • If you want to express your Celtic heritage or are just impressed with the culture, then going for a Celtic tattoo design is a good idea. Such designs usually compromise of complex interwoven lines, representing knots, mazes, spirals and other figures.

  • One of the genres of tattoo that boasts of immense popularity in the East as well as the West is zodiac. Be it Greek/Roman, Chinese or any other zodiac, zodiac symbols have always wooed the tattoo lovers.

Some More Ideas

  • Haida Tattoos

  • Rose Tattoos

  • Heart Symbols

  • Skull Designs

  • Flower Tattoos

  • Crown Designs

  • Eagle Tattoos

  • Swallow Tattoos

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