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Vastu Shastra

Vastu as Science

Vastu is the scientific study of directions, which aims at utilizing the natural energies that are available free of cost, for the benefit of humans, by creating an equilibrium between man and material. As a science, it extracts the positive energy from the natural elements of the universe - the panchbhootas, namely, earth, water, air, sun and sky. It all these five elements, for creating a congenial setting or a place to live or work in, in most the scientific way, exploiting the benefits bestowed by the five basic elements.

The equilibrium in nature can be easily seen among all the moving bodies by the human beings, but unfortunately they are unable to see such equilibrium in a static body. Vastu shastra aims at guiding construction in such a way that establishes the equilibrium, so that there is no hindrance to the flow of magnetic waves, from the North Pole to South Pole. It is believed that creating such a balance helps people avoid various calamities, diseases, accidents, etc, which might have occurred otherwise.

Vastu is an old practice that was evolved by learned men of the past, for the welfare of mankind. It is a vast field of study that lays down certain principles, paving way for good health, wealth and prosperity to enter our house. The principles of Vastu, which were laid down in the ancient times, are purely based on the effect of sunrays during different times of the day. They continue to be used by people till date, while undertaking any form of construction, to keep everything in equilibrium.

Five Elements

The five elements of nature, on which the science of Vastu is based, are:

  • Sun: Sun is one of the most important elements of nature, on which our very survival is dependent. It is a source of heat and light and therefore, holds a lot of significance in the Vastu study.

  • Air: Air, being the source of oxygen, acts as the life savor for human beings. Their comfort level is dependant upon different things like airflow, air temperature, its pressure, humidity level, etc. Therefore, air is one of the most powerful sources of our survival.

  • Earth: In India, earth is given the status of mother. It is the source of existence of landform, landscape, flora and fauna. The gravitational force and magnetic effects of Earth have an effect on living beings.

  • Water: Water is essential for the existence of all life forms. In the past, human civilizations flourished around rivers and major waterways. Water has been used by the humans in various ways, like agriculture, drinking, as a dissolving agent, and so on.

  • Sky: The sky consists of not just our solar system, but also the various galaxies that form a part of it. It provides a shelter to all species and forms the five basic element of nature.

Natural Energies

Vastu shastra is based on various natural energies, which are available in atmosphere, namely:

  • Solar Energy
  • Lunar Energy
  • Earth Energy
  • Sky Energy
  • Electric Energy
  • Magnetic Energy
  • Thermal Energy
  • Wind Energy
  • Light Energy
  • Cosmic Energy

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