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Vastu Shastra

Vastu Direction

An age old technique involving both art and science, Vastu Shastra can be defined as the Indian system of architecture and design of Vedic origin. The word Vastu stands for dwelling of humans and Gods. According to Hindu practice, buildings should be constructed as per the directions mentioned in the vastu shastra, to attain complete harmony with natural forces for well being of humanity. The different directions and sectors of a house are assigned to different Gods and Guardians. These sectors, when constructed according to the nature of the God, lead to complete harmony and bring in prosperity, good thought and sound health to people living inside. Some of the important parts of the house have been listed in the following lines, along with the idyllic direction.

Vaastu Shastra Directions


Southwest side is the ideal position for the bedroom. A room in the south would not only be congenial, but also work for comfort living. In case your house has an upper storey, make sure that its southwest portion houses the master bedroom.

Children Room

Children room in the northwest side or in the west side is considered ideal. The room not only acts favorably in terms of health of the children. For developing better concentration in children, make sure they have a separate study close to their bedrooms.


The right location of the kitchen insures favorable health of the family. Ideally, since southeast side is the residing place of Agni or the God of Fire, the kitchen should also be placed in the same location.

Study Room

The perfect position to study would be facing the north, east or the northeast side. These directions attract the positive effects of different planets - Mercury increases brain power, Jupiter enhances wisdom, Sun raises ambition and Venus helps in bringing about creativity in new thoughts and ideas.


Ideally, east is the perfect place for the bathroom. When it comes to attached bathroom, one in the north or east side would be favorable. Shower, bathing tub and wash basin in the bathroom may be in the Northeast, or the North or the East direction. Do not have bathroom in the center or southwest corner of the house.

Drawing Room

Drawing rooms can be in the northeast or northern or eastern side of the room. Avoid having drawing room in the southwest portion. Keep the northeast corner of the drawing room vacant.

Store Room

Store room can be in the northwest or southwest portion of the house. It is best to store heavy things in the southwest of the storeroom. Garbage can be collected in the southern side of the house.


At the time of sleeping, make sure that you have head towards the South Pole and legs towards the North Pole. However, sleeping with head in the east and legs in the west is also favorable and brings in mental peace, good thoughts and spirituality.

Vasthu Directions For Home

Direction Planet Lordship Best For
Northwest Moon Vayu (Wind) Guests, bathroom, garage, animals, utilities, pantry.
North Mercury Kubera (Wealth) Mirrors (North wall), jewels and other valuables,children, family room, basement.
Northeast Jupiter Ishanya (the Supreme Lord) Prayer, shrines, living room, sun porch, patio or deck.
West Saturn Varuna (Waters) Dining room, children's room, study room, den
East Sun Surya (Health) Bathroom, Dining room, family room, bay windows,mirrors on east wall, storage of ghee, milk, oil, rosewater, etc.
Southwest Rahu Nairuti (Dissolution) Heavy objects, Bedroom, no shrines or bathrooms.
South Mars Yama (Lord of Death) Dining room, no main entrances, Bed room, Bath room
Southeast Venus Agni(Lord of Fire) Kitchen, pantry, appliances, computers, exercise room, garage, weights.

Note:The center is the place of Brahmasthana. This area should only be used for a courtyard or a religious shrine. Human activity should be avoided.


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