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Havildar Murli Ram

Period : 19 February 1956

Awarded for gallantry other than in the face of the enemy. This award may be granted to civilians or to military personnel and may be awarded posthumously.

Subsequent awards of the Shaurya Chakra are recognized by a bar to the medal ribbon (to date, none have been awarded). It is possible for a recipient to be awarded the Ashoka Chakra or Kirti Chakra in addition for separate acts of gallantry.

From 1 February 1999, the central government set a monthly stipend of Rs. 750 for recipients of the award. Jammu and Kashmir awards a cash award of Rs. 700 (ca. 1960) for recipients of the Shaurya Chakra.

Established: Established as the "Ashoka Chakra, Class III" by the President of India, 4 January 1952 (with effect from 15 August 1947). The statutes were revised and the decoration renamed on 27 January 1967.

Obverse: Circular bronze, 1-3/8 inches in diameter. In the center, the chakra (wheel) of Ashoka, surrounded by a lotus wreath and with an ornate edge. Suspended by a straight bar suspender. The medal is named on the edge.

Reverse: For pre-1967 awards, the medal is blank in the center, with "Ashoka Chakra" in Hindi along the upper edge on the medal and the same name in English along the lower rim, "ASHOKA CHAKRA". On either side is a lotus design. The center is blank, perhaps with the intent that details of the award be engraved there. There is no indication of the class on the pre-1967 awards. For the post-1967 awards, the, names are changed to "Shauryua Chakra" in Hindi above and "SHAURYA CHAKRA" below.

Ribbon: 30 mm, dark green with three 2 mm orange stripes. Dark green 6 mm, orange 2 mm, dark green 6 mm, orange 2 mm, dark green 6 mm, orange 2 mm, dark green 6 mm.

Awards: To understand the award better, a sample recipient would be the award of the Ashoka Chakra, Class III, to No. 12049 Havildar Murli Ram, 7 Grenadiers (to date from 19 February 1956): "On 19th February a strong patrol led by Capt. Rane whilst patroling the Indo-Pakistan border suddenly came under heavy small arms fire from area Chhad Bet. Before the men could dismount from their camels, Sep. Pema Ram and two other men of No. 12049 Hav. Murli Ram's section were hit. A few minutes later the attackers' fire became heavy and sustained, and it became impossible for the point section to move without drawing accurate fire from a range of 150 yards. Completely scornful of the danger Hav. Murli Ram encouraged his men to return fire, as a result of which the attackers were hit by our fire. With scant regard for his personal safety he then crawled forward to evacuate his wounded comrade Sep. Pema Ram. As he approached near him he was hit on the chest near the left shoulder. He paid no heed and kept on dragging the wounded soldier until he was brought to safety. This heroic action showed boldness, self-sacrifice and courage in the best traditions of our Army." (No. 5-Pres/57 of 26 January 1957, in Gazette of India, part I, section 1, 26 January 1957, p. 22.)


  • Ashoka Chakra, Class III (1952-67)

  • Shaurya Chakra (1967--)


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Havildar Murli Ram

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Param Vir Chakra
Ashoka Chakra
Maha Vir Chakra
Kirti Chakra
Sarvottam Jeevan Raksha Padak
Ati Vishisht Seva Medal
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President's Police and Fire Services Medal for Gallantry
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