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Monthly News June 2014

Tiramisu: Recipe

Tiramisu: Recipe

Your guide to whipping up the mouth-watering Italian dessert.Ingredients Nine teaspoons instant espresso powder dissolved in one and a half cups of water (cooled)– 250 ml baileys – 400 grams Savoiardi biscuits – Two eggs – 75 grams of caster sugar – 500 grams... read more »

5 Eat right ways to a slim you

5 Eat right ways to a slim you

Don’t miss meals Have at least three meals or then four smaller ones at a certain time everyday. These should contain enough cereal, protein and vegetable and fruit. If you skip a meal not only do you lower the body’s metabolic rate but also tend over eat in the next one, which is... read more »

Career Guidance

Career Guidance

FLY HIGH I have just completed my class XII (non-medical), but did not score well. I did not take any engineering entrance test either. How can I become an aircraft maintenance engineer? To become an aircraft maintenance engineer, you need to obtain a licence from the Director-General of Civil... read more »

Iraq gets Russian Sukhois to fight with ...

Iraq gets Russian Sukhois to fight with ISIS

BAGHDAD: Iraqi government officials said on Sunday that Russian experts had arrived in Iraq to help the army get 12 new Russian warplanes into the fight against Sunni extremists. The move was at least an implicit rebuke to the United States, where concerns in Congress about the political viability... read more »

Speed of thought is faster than Light:US scientist

WASHINGTON: A US scientist claims to have found evidence that suggests that the speed of light as described by Einstein’s theory of general relativity is slower than has been... read more »

Woman puts home on fire trying to kill spider with lighter

A woman in Hutchinson, Kansas, is charged with arson after police say she set her home on fire during an attempt to kill a spider, the Hutchinson News reports. 34-year-old Ginny Griffith... read more »

Al Qaeda breakaway group declares Islamic state straddling Syria and Iraq

BAGHDAD—The Al Qaeda breakaway group that has seized much of northern Syria and huge tracks of neighbouring Iraq formally declared the creation of an Islamic state on Sunday in the... read more »

30 migrants found dead as refugee boats arrive in Italy

The deaths of 30 boat migrants sparked anger and frustration in Italy on Monday, as critics accused the government of failing to deal with an immigration crisis which has seen over 5,000... read more »

Oscar Pistorius trial: Blade runner not mentally ill during Reeva...

South African track star Oscar Pistorius was not suffering from a mental condition that would have impaired his ability to distinguish between right and wrong when he shot dead his girlfriend, a... read more »