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Monthly News July 2014

WikiLeaks reveals Australian gagging ord...

WikiLeaks reveals Australian gagging order over political bribery allegatio...

A sweeping gagging order issued in Australia to block reporting of any bribery allegations involving several international political leaders in the region has been exposed by WikiLeaks. The prohibition emerged from a criminal case in the Australian courts and applies throughout the country. It... read more »

Ebola outbreak: pan-African airline halt...

Ebola outbreak: pan-African airline halts flights to west African countries

Pan-African airline ASKY has suspended all flights to and from the capitals of Liberia and Sierra Leone, and the Liberian football association cancelled games as fears grow of the spread of the Ebolavirus. The move by the Togo-based carrier follows the death of one of its passengers from the... read more »

‘The world stands disgraced’...

‘The world stands disgraced’ – Israeli shelling of school...

United Nations officials described the killing of sleeping children as a disgrace to the world and accused Israel of a serious violation of international law after a school in Gaza being used to shelter Palestinian families was shelled on Wednesday.At least 15 people, mostly children and women,... read more »

US House approves lawsuit against Obama

US House approves lawsuit against Obama

The U.S. House on Wednesday approved a lawsuit against President Barack Obama over alleged abuse of executive power. The 225-201 vote fell along party lines, with five Republicans voting against the measure while no Democrats supported it, Xinhua reported. Last Thursday, the House Rules... read more »

James Foxx to play Mike Tyson in biopic

Mike Tyson has reportedly talked to Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx to play him in an upcoming biopic on the boxer’s life. Tyson, 48, who was the youngest heavyweight champion at 20, said... read more »

2 min of exercise helps elderly stay healthy

It doesn’t require seven days a week exercise that the current Government guidelines promote. People should do muscle-strengthening activities on two or more days a week that work... read more »

Unlock and boost your creativity

Wish you could produce ideas on demand? Innovation and brilliance aren’t the forte of artists and people in ‘creative’ professions. Some of the world’s most... read more »

Mayawati and Mulayam should come together to defeat BJP, says Lalu Prasad Yadav

Patna, July 30: RJD chief Lalu Prasad is determined to spoil BJP’s party – In an interview to Economic Times, Lalu said RJD-JD(U)-Congress alliance will result in the rout of... read more »

Mars rover clocking up the mileage

Cape Town – It’s not exactly been at Olympic gold medal pace, but Nasa’s Mars rover Opportunity that landed on the Red Planet in 2004 has set an extraterrestrial distance record and is... read more »