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Monthly News September 2015

Uber a good brand, but its products not ...

Uber a good brand, but its products not tuned to Indian customers’ ne...

While Uber is a good brand with good products, competitor Ola’s Co-Founder and CEO Bhavish Aggarwal feels it trails in India because its products are not tuned to the needs of the Indian consumer. “Ola has a huge market leadership, which we are increasing as we go along because we are... read more »

Antrix told to pay Devas $672 million

Antrix told to pay Devas $672 million

The International Court of Arbitration upheld the Deutsche Telekom-funded Devas’s argument that the cancellation of the deal six years after an agreement in this regard was arbitrary An international tribunal has asked Antrix, a wholly-owned government entity under the Department of Space, to... read more »

Global stocks touch two-year low

Global stocks touch two-year low

In Dublin, the ISEQ index of Irish shares was down a hefty 2.68pc to 6055.96. That rout meant only a hand full of names escaped the general slide lower – among them Aminex. Datalex and Malin Corp. But for most names in Ireland and across Europe the day was market by declines. The... read more »

India Up 16 Places to 55th on Global Com...

India Up 16 Places to 55th on Global Competitiveness Index

Geneva: In a big jump, India has moved up 16 positions to rank 55th on a global index of the world’s most competitive economies, where Switzerland remains on top. The jump in India’s position underlines the country’s recent economic recovery, improvement in the competitiveness of... read more »

Pravin Dixit appointed Maharashtra DGP

Maharashtra Anti Corruption Bureau chief Pravin Dixit will take charge as the Maharashtra Director General Of Police after present incumbent Sanjeev Dayal retires on Wednesday. Dixit will... read more »

Modi suddenly pressured to act after Raghuram Rajan cuts rates

New Delhi: Now that the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) governor Raghuram Rajan responded to government pressure with India’s biggest rate cut since 2009, it’s Prime Minister Narendra... read more »

India, US, Japan to work together to maintain maritime security

NEW YORK: Reflecting the growing convergence of their individual interests in the Indo-Pacific region, India, US and Japan have agreed to work together to maintain maritime security... read more »

Does it suit a PM to visit companies seeking investments, Kejriwal questions Modi’s ...

New Delhi: Questioning Narendra Modi’s foreign tours, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday wondered if it behoved the Prime Minister to visit individual companies like... read more »

Someone’s dinner is now part of a criminal investigation in UP: B...

The rumour of beef and pig tallow greasing cartridges is supposed to have spawned what the British called the Indian mutiny. That was 1857. Now in 2015 rumours of eating beef can get you killed. The... read more »