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Monthly News September 2017

Tom Alter, Padma Shri actor and writer, ...

Tom Alter, Padma Shri actor and writer, dies aged 67

MUMBAI: Veteran film, television and theatre actor and Padma Shri Tom Alter has died aged 67. The renowned actor and one-time sports writer and author had been battling stage four skin cancer. Alter acted in over 300 movies apart from numerous TV shows, most famously as the gangster Keshav Kalsi... read more »

China says one step forwards, two steps ...

China says one step forwards, two steps back no good for Japan ties.

China’s foreign minister on Thursday said that ties with Japan should not take two steps back for every step forward, after Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made a rare appearance at an anniversary event for the normalization of diplomatic relations. Speaking on the eve of the 45th anniversary... read more »

Somalia’s al-Shabaab militants kil...

Somalia’s al-Shabaab militants kill 17 in attack

Somalia’s al-Shabaab fighters attacked a military base outside the capital Mogadishu using car bombs and guns, killing 17 soldiers and taking control of the base and a nearby town, the group said on Friday. Residents and officials confirmed the attack, but gave no details on... read more »

Wrote article disputing father on my own...

Wrote article disputing father on my own, says Jayant Sinha

NEW DELHI: Union minister Jayant Sinha today rejected suggestions that he wrote an article in an English daily disputing his father and former finance minister Yashwant Sinha’s contentions on the state of India’s economy at anybody’s bidding, insisting it was “absolutely... read more »

Banaras Hindu University (BHU) violence: Crime Branch begins probe

VARANASI – The Crime Branch has begun probe into the violence in the BHU campus and issued notices to 20 members of the proctorial board, including the former chief proctor, asking... read more »

4 Main Reasons for Rejection of Your Business Loan and How to Fix Them?

“You are rejected”— these three words are enough to panic you! Whether it’s a job, love proposal or a business loan, rejection hurts, and it hurts badly. While we can do little in... read more »

North Korea ‘rogue nation and embarrassment to China’ Trump

US President Donald Trump on Sunday slammed North Korea for carrying out its biggest nuclear test, saying that the actions of the east Asian nation are a threat to the United States. In a... read more »

Modi cabinet reshuffle 2017: Full list of PM Modi’s Council of Ministers

Among the four bureaucrats inducted into the government, three have been made Ministers of State with independent charge: former Home Secretary R.K. Singh, a Lok Sabha member from Bihar,... read more »

New Ransomware ‘Locky’ Spreading Through Email Attach...

The government has issued an alert for a new computer ransomware called ‘Locky’ which is spreading through a wave of emails with attachments. The malware can lock computer files with an... read more »