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Tattoo Art

Since the last decade, the tattoo art has gained immense popularity. The body art tattoos are ruling the fashion conscious people. Youngsters are simply crazy about body art tattoos. Now, there are much more design options to choose from, ranging from tribal art and urban tattoos to celtic and sacred ones. In the contemporary times, tattooing and piercing is going hand in hand with each other. Body piercing has become extremely popular among the youth, which is further accentuated by getting the area tattooed.
People get their bodies tattooed due to different reasons. For some people, tattoo makes a great fashion statement, while others use it to reveal certain aspects of their personality. For some people, it is an expression of love feelings that they have for the other person. Thus, every person has his own reason to go in for body tattoo. There are people who consider tattoo as a fabulous art and their body as an empty canvas. Well, it becomes easier to decide on the design, if you are sure about the motive behind getting your body tattooed.

In this section, we will cover the following aspects related to body art tattoos:

History of Tattoo
The word Tattoo has been derived from the Polynesian word 'tatao', which means tapping or marking something. This term was first coined by Captain James Cook in the year 1769, when he met the Tahitians during his voyage, who had decorated their bodies with tattoos.

Tattoo Design
Tattooing is not a new trend. Infact, the tradition of making tattoos on the body is being practiced since ages. This art work has made a niche for itself in the fashion arena. It is driving the entire world crazy. As more and more people are getting their bodies tattooed, either temporary or permanent, the tattoo artists are coming up with wide variety of designs.

Tribal Tattoo
Tribal tattoos have always been in vogue. They take you back to the primitive times. However, the tribal tattoo designs have now undergone a major transformation. Infact, they have been constantly evolving and morphing into what has come to be known as the neo tribal tattoo designing.

Lower Back Tattoos
Tattoos on the lower back have always fascinated the youngsters, especially females. Tribal designs have been increasingly finding their way in the making of lower back tattoos. Having tattoo designs on the lower back has become a very popular fashion.

Celtic Tattoos
Celtic tattoos are mainly popular amongst the people of Celtic origin. Being universal in nature, the Celtic symbols have always been a popular choice to be considered by the tattoo artists. Nowadays, most of the tattoo artists prefer mixing the tribal and Celtic design so as to create a new blended tattoo style, known as tribal Celtic tattoos.

Chinese Tattoos
Chinese tattoos have always been in fashion. Initially, having Chinese tattoos on the body was considered to be the privilege of the criminals and mafias. Fascinated by the Chinese tattoos, the Hollywood stars thought of giving a try to this wonderful Chinese tattoo body art.

Henna Tattoos
There are many adverse effects of getting your body tattooed. It is here that Henna comes to play a vital role. It allows you to beautify your body and that too in a natural manner. It is a temporary tattoo that is absolutely safe for the skin. There are no risk factors associated with the HennaMehndi tattoo.


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