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Beauty Care

Beauty Trends and Tips

The desire of being the 'beauty' is innate in all women and this notion is the backbone of the beauty industry and busing that is in boom all over the world. Quality is the keyword to beauty and skin care products including cosmetics to prevent the negative side effects and full realization of the fancy world of beautiful transformations in women. Here are some tips and trends that you should know:

  • Cleanliness of the parlor, the quality of the products used there and how qualified and experienced are its attendants and the owner should be your criterion of choosing one to get latest beauty treatments.

  • Make only informed choices. Know about the treatments and its possible side effects, allergies that it may cause and get the patch test done before opting for one of them.

  • Every woman deserves a makeup kit for home and another for traveling purposes. For traveling, choose small sized products that are sold for introductory or promotional purposes; dual function products to save space; and natural look makeup foundation that gives a finished look.

  • For everyday purposes, go for quick and simple products that are long lasting and keep you looking fresh to the end of day. It should be understated and not very dramatic or you may end up looking overdone or a plastic doll.

  • Use natural tones for eye shadow and blush and use a nude lip color for daytime makeup and for going to work.

  • Waterproof mascaras, cake eyeliners and matte lipsticks last longer.

  • For instant party touch to day makeup, just brush up deep and vibrant eye shadow to define your eyes. Luminescent eye shadows look good too.

  • Liquid eyeliners define eyes better, eyebrows can be colored using eyebrow gel and corrective makeup can be done by highlighting and contouring with skill using right combo of foundations, blushes and eye shadows.

  • Sheer and light makeup is the trend of the day and best shades to use are neutral browns, smudgy greys, earthy pinks and peaches.

  • Cream and gel blush are easy to use and give you a natural look.

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