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Yoga and Social Values

Yoga and social values are two sides of the same coin and go side by side. Social values are a set of philosophy that an individual carries throughout his life. Yoga possesses great power to build those values that go a long way in making a person complete. With the help of Yoga, you can tackle any tricky situations that you may face in your daily life. The biggest virtue of Yoga is that the individual is in full command of his own. He is in love with himself as well as others. He is admired by every one for his social values and positive behavior which comes from yoga.

Development Of Social Norms
We all have a wish to be good & admirable, but it is not easy at all. Sometimes we become so obstinate, demanding and imperative that it is hard to get along with the words like good or admirable. If an individual is able to fight these irritants, he can become less difficult to deal with. Yoga can be really helpful in this regard. The social effects of person's changed behavior upon colleagues, clients, superiors, inferiors, public officers and service specialists could be awesome. Thus, the universally accepted social norms of society can be developed in an individual with the help of Yoga.

Change In Personality
Person becomes easier to deal with and even others want to be like him. With these positive qualities, one becomes more admired and desirable individual. When you change your attitude, others also tend to change and respond in the same vein. Yoga accelerates the sense of duty in us and also makes us responsible human beings. Hatha Yoga has such a strong power that after some weeks of practice, everyone notices a change in practitioner's attitude and behavior. In fact the practitioner fails to recognize himself as the change is so big & fast.

Get Spiritual Knowledge
Along with realizing his own self, Yoga helps an individual to understand the issues around him/her. Continuous yoga practice increases self-knowledge of the person. Yoga practices, including breathing and posture exercises, help in attaining and maintaining relaxation, physical and mental health. The person gains spiritual knowledge through Yoga, making his understanding vast about the nature, self and other matters related to society. He is now a more refined and clear-minded individual.

Know Yourself
Person should have awareness of the processes and happenings going around him. But it is not possible, if one does not know himself/herself. Knowing your self at rest, at peace, and as a being, is a legitimate kind of knowledge, but unfortunately it is lost in the desire of fulfilling our worldly needs. The value of discovering one's own self as it is, rather than what it is going to be or should be is a kind of knowledge which is gained through yoga. Your experience of this world will become nicer and life will become easier. Thus, Yoga has the power not only to increase your physical, but also mental attributes.


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