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Yoga and Beauty

Yoga is the art of meditation aimed at training a human soul the consciousness for a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquility. It is basically achieved through the three paths- the path of actions, knowledge and devotion. Though yoga is always popularly recognized with fitness and health concerns, the art of Yoga hardly untouches anything on earth. Be it health, weight loss, devotion, concentration, spiritual enlightenment, ego-shedding or beauty, yoga is effective in each of them. Many famous personalities in the health and beauty industry swear on the names of yoga. Read on to explore that how yoga can redefine your beauty.

Yoga: The Real Aura Of Beauty
Yoga is a wonderful art that brings a perfect blend of physical strength and gracefulness in your life. Also, the beauty attained through Yoga is not an artificial and temporary achievement like cosmetic surgery and other such means. Yoga helps you lose all the flab in a right manner to the right extent. Apart from this the enlightenment achieved through yoga brings a shine of confidence over one's face. Yoga also acts as a stress buster which is in it self a very wonderful method to avoid ageing. The flexibility attained through Yoga also makes one feel good and thus look good.

How to attain beauty through yoga?

  • The first and foremost principle of Yoga is that until you do not feel good, you can't look good. Thus yoga through its asana like Sukhasna and Shavasana aims to provide complete relaxation to your body.
  • Yoga helps you gain physical fitness, helps in the healthy maintenance of mind and body. It also acts in removal of toxins from the body and increases flexibility of your body making you look younger. The Dog and Cat Pose of Yoga is certainly helpful in gaining flexibility and vigor.
  • Yoga helps improve the efficiency of the immune system. Through regular Pranayams like Kaplabhati and Anulom- Vilom, you can easily avoid little daily problems of health. Yoga is equally active in thyroid and weight loss leading to perfect shaping of the body and thus making you beautiful.
  • The perfect oxygen dose which we get through various Yoga Asanas and Mudras also helps in skin glow.
  • Regular yoga brings contentment in your life which reflects on your face.
  • Yoga helps you in delaying ageing. A regular yoga practitioner remains young and active for quite longer than others who do not practice yoga.


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