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Yoga and Knowledge

Yoga is an ancient art that focuses on the spiritual enlightenment and physical fitness of a human being. This art has derived its principles from the 'Patanjali Shastra' and focuses on the concept of healthy being and healthy living. Sages and saints have practiced this art for centuries in India. The basic concept behind yoga is developing the understanding self and the motive of one's existence. Yoga also greatly helps in improving concentration and increasing grasping capacity. Read on to know more…

Yoga: A Source Of Enlightenment
Yoga apart from self enlightenment also helps in developing the understanding of surroundings, which is very necessary in order to spread the real and divine knowledge of the universe. Besides the pleasure of discovering one's inner self and of enjoying one's self as it is something that can't be explained in words. Yoga makes us capable enough to recover our souls which are lost in the mad rush of fulfilling earthy desires. Through the attainment of good health along with physical and mental relaxation, yoga makes one capable of perceiving the legitimate kind of knowledge about life, its purpose and self regulations. The theory and practice of Yoga is thoroughly based on spiritual blend of superpower and self.

Yoga of Knowledge: Gyana Yoga
Gyana Yoga is the blend of Knowledge and devotion. The Gyana Yoga emphasizes on the realization of God in every nook and corner of our existence. It is basically a spiritual path to knowledge. However it is not blind way of following some preaching, it is entirely based on self realization of supreme spirit. According to Gyana yoga, the knowledge without humbleness and the devotion without divine knowledge is always incomplete.

According to Gyana Yoga, the only way to attainment of the divine knowledge is deep enquiry and constant observation up on the eternal truths. Study of sacred books and yoga philosophy makes one understand the real meaning of life and spiritual existence. Gyana Yoga emphatically condemns arrogance and egotism in devotion and knowledge. It talks about the perfect blend (yog) of knowledge as well as devotion.

How Can Your Achieve Divine Knowledge Through Yoga?
The attainment of divine knowledge is a very difficult task. Though if the pursuit is done with a constructive mind and pious soul,it certainly becomes attainable. Hereare the steps through which you can achieve divine knowledge through yoga...

  • Viveka- Developing undersatbding of good and evil. It is actuall thr supreme stage of wisdom.
  • Vairagya- A state of complete awareness of ephemeral nature of world and detachment of earthy pleasures.
  • Shad Sampat- It is the satge of development of six vital faculties present in every human body. It leads to salvation.
  • Sama and Dama- Getting above humanly desires and achieve complete control of senses.
  • Uparati- The state of ultimate satisfaction
  • Titiksha- Capacity of endurance above all earthy pains.
  • Shradha- Development of intense faith
  • Samadhana- Complete devotion to knowledge
  • Moksha- Freedom from the cycle of life and death


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