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Tattooing in Europe

The recent craze of Tattoo has become style statement in the world. Be it Europe, America or India, this art has become extremely popular in last few years. Though this art has not newly been introduced to world, the craze of this art had never ever gained so much popularity before. No body can exactly tell as when this art came into being but ancient evidences like Egyptian mummies tell that this art has existed since a time immemorial. It is said that this art existed in the world in the ancient and prehistoric culture even before the birth of Christ.

Extinct Of Tattoo Culture From Europe
The tattoo culture was present in Europe like everywhere else before it practiced out after the church edict forbade them on the pretext of some quotes in Bible. As Christianity advanced in Europe the tattoo culture died gradually. It was a popular trend to mark a Christian body only if it meant to represent as a culprit of some shameful deed. This was how somewhere till 17th century, the tattoo art almost extinct from Europe.

Reintroduction Of Tattoo Culture In Europe
The tattoo culture was reintroduced in the country when 18th-century European sailors traveled to Pacific islands and got fascinated by this art. They brought some form of exotic art back to Europe. French sailors were most fascinated from the art. The Frenchmen Jean Baptiste Cabri was the first person to get his entire body tattooed and display himself for an admission fee at fairs. However till late 18th century this art was considered to be nomadic and lower class art basically symbolizing the criminals and uneducated class people.

The acceptation for this tattoo art did not grow in Europe before Captain Cook, world circumnavigator introduced Omai, a tattooed native from Tahiti to England. Quite later, Polynesians introduced a facial style of tattooing called Moko to Europe which is still being used today. Slowly and gradually the art of tattooing gained popularity in Europe when people traveling to various parts pf the world came with new perspective about the art and interacted it with the natives. It was in 19th century that the art gained popularity in the upper-class of Europe. Lady Randolph Churchill, the mother of Winston Churchill's mother popularly sported a snake on her wrist.

Present Scenario of Tattoo Art in Europe
With time the European society has come over the taboo that they associated with the Tattoo art. People who love this wild yet creative form of art openly exhibit tattoo on their body. Though a debate of acceptability of tattoo art by staunch Christians is on till now also but people who are fashion frenzy hardly even care about it. People in Europe sport various kinds of tattoos with immense pride and zeal all over their body.


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