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New Year's Day Gift Ideas

New Year is the time to indulge in fun n frolic. Set aside all your worries and indulge in revelry and merry making. Go out with your friends and relatives, party and have a blast. It is also the time to reflect upon the past year-achievements and failures-and gear up to face fresh challenges with hope and enthusiasm. People set new targets, swear by new resolutions and hope to establish new benchmarks.

New year is also the time to strengthen personal bonds. It is an opportunity to meet friends, relatives and acquaintances with whom you have not been in touch for a long time. Share gifts with your loved ones to make the occasion all the more memorable. Gifts should be according to the age and interests of the person.

Here are a few gift ideas.

  • Gift a box of chocolates, cookies or candies to the kids.

  • Gift a leather purse to your mom.

  • Gift a credit card to your father so that he can indulge in a shopping spree without having to worry for cash.

  • Gift some useful household item to your wife such as a vacuum cleaner, washing machine, Refrigerator etc that would help her in household chores.

  • Gift a digital camera or a handycam to your hubby.

  • You can gift a bicycle or a mobike to your son as per his age.

  • Gift a makeup kit or a wristwatch to your daughter.


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