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Thanksgiving Day Gifts Ideas

Thanksgiving Day is one of the most important festivals of the USA. This is a celebration of the first harvest of the English settlers in America nearly 400 years ago. Long ago, people called Pilgrims left their home in England and came across the ocean to America in a boat called the Mayflower. They built their own houses, planted seeds they had brought with them, and made friends with the Indians, who were already living in America. The Indians taught them how to plant corn and hunt and fish for animals that they could eat. In the fall, when the corn was ready, the Pilgrims picked it. It was their first harvest, and when they had finished, they had a party to celebrate and give thanks that they had enough food to last through the winter.

Over the years the nature of Thanksgiving Day has slightly changed. Now Thanksgiving Day is an occasion to strengthen existing relationships, thank each other for being there in times of need and mend broken relationships. People eat turkey, sweet potato, sweet corn, cranberry sauce, followed by sweet pumpkin pie for dessert, just as their ancestors used to do. They also give gifts to their loved ones. Here are some of the gifts ideas for the occasion.

  • Toys, stuffed or otherwise are a big hit with the kids. You can also gift them storybooks, cartoon books, crayons, chocolates, cookies and candies,

  • Depending upon whether your friend is a boy or a girl you can gift accordingly. If he is a boy you can gift a wallet, a stylish key chain, sunglasses, a trendy hat, T-shirt, men toiletries etc. If she is a girl you can gift a designer purse, perfumes, cosmetics, jewelry etc.

  • You can gift a jewelry item to your wife such as necklace, pendant, ring etc for being there with you through the thick and thins of your life. Else, you can buy her a piece of garment, perfumes, cosmetics etc.

  • In case of your hubby give him a nice piece of clothing-a coat, nice formal shirt, jacket etc. You can also gift your dear hubby a nice leather bag, shaving kit, men toiletries etc.

  • To oldies such as Dad, mom and grandparents you can gift a walking stick, rocking armchair, an overcoat, a nice book etc.


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