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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day is a celebration of love. You love someone but do not have the courage to express your feelings. You fear rejection. You are afraid what the other person may think about you. Well, Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion for all such persons. You can express your feelings freely without any fear on this day.

But Valentine's Day is not limited to feelings between a guy and a gal. You can express your feelings for anyone you love. It could be your parents, brother, sister, son, daughter, friends etc. Gifts are a wonderful way to express your feelings. Here are a few gift ideas.

  • Heart-shaped chocolates, cookies, cakes and a bouquet of roses are among the all time favorite Valentine's Day gift item and can be gifted to anyone you love.

  • If you want to gift something to your ladylove-wife or girlfriend-jewelry is the safest bet. Women have a special liking for the jewelry. Depending upon your budget you can gift silver, gold or diamond jewelry. A heart-shaped solitaire is perfect gift for the occasion. You can also gift perfumes and fragrances. Fragrance/perfume should be feminine such as lavender, rose, sandalwood etc. You can gift a recipe book to improve the cooking skills of your lady. Apart from this thrill the lovely lady by giving her sexy lingerie.

  • In case of your hubby or boyfriend gift something that he really needs. It could be a trendy briefcase that would enhance his personality when he goes to the office. Shirts T-shirts, jeans, tiepin, and cufflink are also hot. You can also gift designer sunglasses, wristwatch, Walkman, mobile phone, men's perfume, deodorant or a shaving kit. If your hubby/boyfriend is a sports enthusiast you can gift him his favorite sporting gear.

  • You can gift a nice blazer or a jacket to your father and a shawl or an overcoat to your mother. As jewelry is the safest bet if you are gifting something to a woman you can gift a ring, necklace, earrings or a bracelet to your mother. Other items that can be gifted to parents are walking stick, photo frame, purse/wallet, books and night-lamp.

  • Most of the gift items relating to brother, sister and friends are common. Some of the items are gender specific. You can gift book, purse, wallet, sunglasses, imitation jewelry, perfumes, deodorant, aftershave lotion, decorative showpieces etc.


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