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Home Safety For Elderly

We take a lot of things for granted while living in our homes. Open doors, using toilets, climbing stairs etc. all of this comes to us automatically. But what we do not realize is that these very tasks seem daunting to elderly people. The rate of injuries caused to the elderly while getting around the house or using the toilet is very high. They fall on slippery floors in the bathroom, their fingers are caught in swinging doors and they cannot open doorknobs because of arthritis. Researches have been trying to find ways to make the house easier to use and safer to live in for the elderly. Here are few tips that you can incorporate in your house to make it safer for the elderly:

  • Replace the doorknobs with levers, as these are easy to open even if the person has arthritis.
  • Faucets with levers are easier to use.
  • Use light switches that are illuminated.
  • You can use clap-on, clap-off light system as well.
  • Floors should be made slip-resistant. Use nonskid mats under rugs.
  • Areas where the elderly are likely to trip over, like the threshold should be as low as possible.
  • If there is an elderly person who uses a walker in your house, it is better to use low-pile carpeting, as the walker doesn't get caught in low-piles and hence will prevent the person from falling.
  • If you have stairs in your house, ensure that there is sufficient lighting all long the stairway. Railings should be provided on either side of the stairs, as it makes climbing up and down easier. This way the stairs will be safe.
  • All rooms should be well light as dark rooms can lead to accidental falls. Especially entrances should be very well light.
  • At the entrance of your house ensure that there is a place to keep keys, shopping, mail or anything else that the elderly person maybe carrying. Place a table, a chest of drawers a basket near the door to place these things in.
  • Special care should be taken in the bathroom as most of the accidents occur here. Placing shower grab bars and toilet grab bars will make it easy and safe to use the bathroom.
  • Use faucets with a single control for hot and cold water.
  • Installing a hand-held shower will help someone whose movements are limited.
  • The bathtub can be cushioned to prevent injury if they fall in it.
  • The kitchen can have a lowered work area so that seated users can work without any problem.

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