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Home Safety Products For Child

We should try and make our homes as safe as possible for our children. Even when your home is child proof you must remember that your child is very curious and could get around the proofing that you have done. But taking small safety measures can prevent injury to your child. Here are a few home safety products to childproof your home:

  1. Safety latches and locks should be used for closets and cabinets in the bathroom, kitchen, garden closet etc. Make sure all poisonous things like detergents, garden chemicals, fertilizers, medicines should be kept locked in these closets. In the kitchen things like knives, forks and other sharp objects should be locked as well.
  2. Safety Gates should be used at the top of the stairs to prevent the child from falling down them. Ensure that the children cannot unlock them and the bars should be close enough that the child cannot stick his head through it.
  3. Prevent your child from going into areas that dangerous by using doorknobs and door locks. Knobs should break easily.
  4. Anti-scald devices should be used on showerheads and faucets to prevent accidental burns.
  5. Smoke detectors should be used in every room of the house to protect against fire injuries.
  6. Window guards, window screens, safety netting should be used on windows and balconies to prevent the child from falling out.
  7. The edges of sharp furniture and fireplaces should be protected with corner and edge bumpers to prevent injury to the child in case he falls down.
  8. To protect the child from electric shocks plug points should be covered with outlet covers and outlet plates. They should be such that the child cannot displace or remove easily.
  9. Carbon monoxide detector should be placed in bedrooms so that any change in the amount of CO can be detected to prevent CO poisoning.
  10. Window blind cords should be kept short to prevent the child from strangling himself.
  11. Doorstops and holder should be used to prevent the child from injuring his fingers and hands.
  12. Buy a cordless phone so that you can keep an eye on your children even when you are on the phone.
  13. Plastic bags should be kept out of reach of children as they may put it over their head causing suffocation.
  14. Do not plant poisonous plants in your garden that can be dangerous to your child.
  15. If you have a pool ensure the door to the pool is always kept locked and ensure that the children do not go to the pool unsupervised.
Buy safety products that are safe for your child. Make sure that they do not have any small parts that the child can swallow easily. Once you buy the devices install them correctly and use them properly. Devices should be such that protect the children and allow the adults to operate easily in case of an emergency. Safety products should be checked at regular intervals to ensure that they are working properly.

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