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Accident Prevention At Home

A large number of accidents occur at home because we over look small and simple details while building and decorating homes Here are a few suggestions to make your home more secure and injury free.

Safe Carpets:

  • Use proper lighting during the day and night.
  • Use low pile, wall-to-wall carpets.
  • Rugs are attached to the floor to prevent tripping.
  • Hard surfaces should be slip-resistant
  • Nonskid wax is used if floor is waxed.

Secure Stairs and steps:

  • Ensure all steps are of the same size.
  • Landings and stairs should be well light from top to bottom.
  • Stairs should be clutter free.
  • If it has a carpet it should be fixed to all the steps on the stairs.
  • Carpet is in good condition if it has tears then a person can trip and fall.
  • Stairs have should have railings on both sides.

Safe Doors:

  • Should be properly installed to prevent it from falling on pulling.
  • Door opens away from other doors.
  • Wall or hinge mounted doorstops are attached to flexible doors.
  • Screen doors do not close too quickly and allow people to enter safely.

Window Safety:

  • Windows should open easily.
  • Screens should be fixed securely but should be removable.
  • Projecting windows open away from the garden.

Safe Bathtubs and Showers:

  • Bathrooms should be well light.
  • Clearly install the water temperature controls.
  • The room should have a non-slip floor or use non-slip mats
  • Shower and tub should have at least on hand grab bar.

Secure Toilets:

  • Use non-slip flooring
  • Use hand grab bars near toilet.

Safety Measures for Balconies and Porches:

  • Porch floorboards should be well fitted.
  • Railings should be strong.
  • Worn out railings and posts should be replaced.
  • Step leading to the porch should be in good condition and should have railings on either side.

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