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Pet Friendly Homes

A pet is like a small child is very curious and will investigate your home. You can allow them to do so but you must ensure that various household items do not become a hazard for your little pet. You should try to pet-proof your house before you buy your pet. Here are a few tips that will help you pet-proof your house.

  • Ensure that your gates are closed properly and built in such a way that your pet cannot get out. When they are small take them out in to the garden on a leash. Make sure your children understand the importance of locking gates. If necessary lock the gates.
  • Check fences and hedges everyday for holes and gaps in them. Your pet could escape through these.
  • Clear balconies of clutter so that your pets can run about on them.
  • Move your car only when you are sure that you pet is not under the car or anywhere in the garage. Before locking the garage make sure your pet is not inside it.
  • Before mowing your lawn and trimming hedges, lock your pet indoors as they may be frightened by the noise of the mower or may get in the way while you are trimming.
  • Ensure that pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals are locked and stored away. When you use them make sure that your pets are not around. It is advisable to use products that are safe for your pet.
  • Stick tape on cupboard doors to prevent pets from putting the paws into them.
  • Put up temporary fences around ponds and swimming pools when your pets are young.
  • Inside the house make sure that cables and wires are left lying around, as they can be dangerous for your pets.

Supervise your pets for the first six months till they get used to your house and the outdoors and are able to protect themselves.


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