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Home Decoration Tips For Newly Weds

After the excitement of the wedding has died down, the other thing that newly weds look forward to is setting up and decorating their new home. What they do not realize is that this can be the beginning of their marital woes. Men and women have very different ideas as to how each room should be decorated. And this can lead to arguments between the newly weds.

Each individual has their own tastes and they may not match the tastes of the other partner. Designers will tell you that, sometimes the women take over all the decision-making because; they think decorating the house is their specialty. Sometimes the partner whose house it is or who owns most of the furniture makes all the decisions. The best way out is if both the partners can come to a compromise about various aspects of decorating the house. If not, the house should be divided up between the two partners for decorating. Each partner should independently design rooms they have decided to decorate; the other partner should not interfere. Once this is done interior designers have found that in a short span of time partners are asking each other for their opinion. Here are a few tips from experienced designers for newly weds who are decorating their new home:

  • If each partners like different styles then do each room in different styles or if you can afford to heir a designer then he will be able to blend the two styles for you.
  • Make a budget after carefully considering all the things you need and then stick to it.
  • Do your homework on how each room should look. If you can collect pictures of various ideas for each room it would be best.
  • Work together as a unit and find a way of compromising, find some common things about which both of you can agree.
  • You will live in that house for many years to come, so do not go in for trends that change from year to year. Find a style that will be in vogue even after a few years.
  • It is your home and the only one you have, so be choosy about what you use and put in it.

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