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Making Curtains

Hanging curtains makes an ordinary door or window look elegant and pleasing. Curtains add to the décor of the room and enhance the beauty of the room. There are different types and kinds of curtains that can be used for different rooms. Choosing the right one and using the right kind and type of curtain for a particular room can be a challenging task. Curtains can be easily made at home too. Given below is information about some of the types of curtains and how to make them

Cafe Curtains
Café curtain are an inexpensive way of covering the bottom half of the window to give you the privacy that you need. These curtains can be used in any room but are best suited for the kitchen. To hang these curtains you can use decorative rods or curtain wires, which are placed inside the window recess, about halfway down the window. If you want a layered effect, then use two matching café curtains; place one on top to look like a valance and the other halfway down the window. You can allow the two curtains to overlap; this will cover the window completely. You can make the top curtain smaller in size so that there is a space between the two curtains that allows the sun to light up the room.

No-Sew Curtains
Traditionally to make curtains one had to sew them with a thread and a needle. Today you can make curtains without having to use a thread and needle. All it takes is bonding web, a hot iron and a damp cloth or curtain clips to create these no sew curtains. Apply the bonding web on the fabric with a hot iron and a damp cloth. This method can be used for curtains that are unlined and made from lightweight fabric.
Use curtains clips to hang curtains. Make a double hem at the top of the curtains, attach the clips to the hem and hang them from a thin curtain pole or curtain wire. Curtain clips are available in a wide variety of designs and finishes; choose one that matches the décor of the room.

Hourglass Curtains
One normally uses a sheer or lace curtain to cover the glass on a door. Though such a curtain looks delicate and beautiful, it often gets caught in the door becoming a nuisance. Using another curtain rod on the lower edge of the curtain can solve this problem. You can tie a bow to the middle of the curtain; this will make an ordinary door very attractive. To make the curtain, use fabric 2 to 2.5 times the breath of the rod. Cut the top and the bottom of the fabric in a curve. If you are using lace that has scalloped ends, you will have to use more material so make adjustments accordingly. When you tie a bow in the middle of the curtain, the curtain will get a beautiful gathered hourglass look. These curtains are the best for French windows and patio doors. If the window or door is wide it is better to use more than one curtain.

Lined Curtains
Fixing lining to curtains no doubt improves the appearance of the curtains but adds to their life as well. A lining protects the fabric from sunlight. You can choose from a wide variety of linings available. There are linings that are used to block the sunlight; these can be used in the bedroom. Thermal linings can be used in the living room to keep it warm in the winters. Lined curtains should be dry cleaned as if they are washed the fabric and the lining material may shrink at different rates.


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