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A valance is an ornamental drape that is attached to a curtain or a sheet to enhance their appearance. Valance is an extra add on to the curtain or the sheet, which adds to their elegance and beauty. There are different types of valances. Given below is one of the simplest type of valance and how to teem it up with the rest of the décor of the room.

Valance Sheets
Pleated valance sheet combines a fitted sheet and a bed valance. Normally it is made from sheeting fabric as this fabric eliminates the need of seams and can be washed easily. The plated valance sheet has two parts to it. The fitted sheet for the mattress and the skirt the covers the sides of the beds and reach the floor. The skirt can either be pleated throughout or can be pleated in the corners. The color of the fabric can either compliment or contrast the rest of the décor of the room or bedroom.

Curtains Valance
Adding a valance to the curtain top enhances its look by giving it a layered effect. There are a number of ways in which valance can be made. A simple way to make a valance is to add to the top of the curtain. This style allows you to open and close the curtain. If one single valance is attached to the top of a set of two curtains, you will need tiebacks to hold the curtains open. This style of valance is made with unlined fabric and can be attached to lined or unlined curtains. Fringes or cord can be attached to the valance to highlight it. One more way to make a valance is to make the curtain much longer than is actually required. Then you can turn the extra length at the top to look like a valance. Valances can be made to match the curtain color or compliment it or contrast it.


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