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Fabric For Curtains

Curtain can be made from different fabric lace, sheer, lightweight fabric, medium weight fabric or heavy weight fabric. Depending on how you want the room to look, where the curtain is to be hung and what purpose it is to serve the fabric must to be chosen. No doubt that the curtain should match the décor of the rest of the room. Here are a few things that you should remember about the fabric while you are making curtains.

Matching Patterns on Fabric
When you are making curtains at some point of time you will have to join two pieces of fabric. This otherwise simple task can become tricky when you have join fabric with patterns on them. Fabric with patterns has the same pattern reproduced down the length of the fabric. This is called the "pattern repeat" and in measured from a particular point in the pattern to the same point in the next pattern. Usually the patterns on fabrics match across the width. While cutting the fabric length wise remember that the patterns must match at the seam when they are joined. Therefore a fabric that is cut lengthwise must have the repeat pattern. If the fabric has large patterns on it, then ensure that the complete pattern is seen at the bottom end of the curtain, as it is more visible than the top heading which is less visible.

Cutting Out
Before cutting the fabric for the curtain check carefully to ensure that there are no defects. Place the fabric on a flat surface like the table top, with the right side up. The first length of fabric should be cut along the selvedge, (that edge of the fabric that is woven so that it does not fray) position the pattern as required and mark off with a pin. Cut only after you are certain that you have enough material for the lengths required for the curtain. Carefully measure the necessary number of pattern repeats and mark with pins. Cut each fabric length at ninety degrees to the selvedge. As you cut the lengths make a mark on the right side, so that the right side is up, while you join the fabric lengths. Keep this in mind especially if you are using double colored fabric or fabric that has different patterns on each side. If you require only half a width of fabric, then fold the length in half, by keeping the selvedges aligned. Press along the fold to make a mark on the cloth and then cut along this mark. Remember that the fabric must be joined with the right side up.

Measuring Up for Curtains
Measuring the windows is the first step while doing window treatment. This is the most important step. If you take wrong measurements, no matter how pretty the fabric is and how beautifully you make the curtains they will not enhance the beauty of the room. If your curtains are outside the window recess on curtain rods, the curtain rod need to be 4 ''to 6'' larger than the window frame. This will allow you open the curtains to allow light into the room. Measure each and every window even though two of them may look alike. Ensure that you take the measurements either only in inches or only in centimeters.


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