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Stitches For Window Treatments

There are number of stitches that are used while making curtains. Given below are a few easy stitches that you can use while doing your window treatment.


  • This stitch is used to reproduce the machine stitch effect. This is the strongest hand stitch.
  • While doing the backstitch work from right to left.
  • To start make a few stitches in one spot, then take a stitch and a space.
  • Take the needle over the space you had taken and bring it out at the same distance in front of the thread.
  • Follow the same method till you finish the seam.
  • To end fasten off with a few stitches on one spot.

Oversewing Stitch

  • This stitch is used to stop heavy fabrics from fraying at raw edges and to tidy up raw edges.
  • Decide the length of the stitches based on the fabric and how much it is likely to fray.
  • Start with a few backstitches.
  • Sew diagonal stitches over the raw edge, at equal intervals and of equal length.
  • Do not pull the stitches too tight.

Running Stitch

  • This stitch is used for seams and for making pleats.
  • Begin by fastening the thread with a few backstitches. Make small stitches by pushing the needle in and out of the fabric.
  • Make stitches of equal size and keep the space between them the same as far as possible.


  • This stitch is used to hem a folded edge.
  • Begin stitching from the right to the left. Use a single thread; hide the knot under the fold.
  • Bring out the needle out through the folded edge, pick up a few threads from the flat fabric and then work back into the fold again.
  • Move the needle along and bring it out of the fold and make the next stitch.

Tacking Stitch

  • This stitch is used to keep the fabric in place when it is being stitched permanently. This stitch is like the running stitch but longer in length.
  • This is also known as Basting.
  • You can use a single or a double thread, knot it and fasten it at one end with a backstitch.
  • Make equidistant stitches by taking the needle in and out of the fabric.
  • To end fasten with a knot or backstitch.
  • To remove the tacking, just cut off the knot and pull the thread out.

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