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Vastu Shastra

Vastu for Bathroom

Vastu Shastra is the science of house construction. The use of the knowledge of this ancient architectural practice, in the construction of dwelling structures, provides prosperity, disease-free existence and peaceful life all the while. Vastu experts assert that the construction of a house without keeping in mind certain basic tips may lead into various life complications and loss later on. so, whether you are constructing a new house altogether or just making a few additions or renovations, consulting a Vastu expert would prove to be useful. In this article, we have covered Vaasthu remedies for one of the rooms in a house - the bathroom.

Vaastu Tips For Bathroom

  • As the location of the bathroom is important so is the position of the bathroom accessories. For bathroom construction, the most appropriate location lies in the eastern portion of the house.

  • Drainage system should be in the northeast direction. Therefore, it is advised that the taps and showers should be fixed on the northern side. The north side is also suitable for putting up the mirror.

  • The toilet should be on the west or the northwest side of the room and be 1-2 feet above the ground.

  • There must be a provision for proper lighting and cross ventilation inside the bathroom.

  • As a part of Vastu remedies for bathroom, it is suggested that the geyser should be placed in the southeast corner.

  • For keeping the washing machine, the suitable directions are southeast and northwest.

  • The bathtub can be placed in the west, while the sink should be kept on the northeast, north or the east side of the room.

  • As per Vastu for bathroom, the door should not be in the southwest direction.

  • If there is an overhead tank, it should always be on the northwest side of the house.

  • The bathroom colors should always be light, as such colors help give a fresh look to the bathroom. White, light blue and pale green are the best choices for the same. Avoid dark colors like black or dark red.

  • Always keep the bathroom shiny and clean, as proper hygiene allows flow of positive energy.

  • You can even use some plants to add a decor element in the bathroom.

  • If you are planning to install tiles in the bathroom, keep them in neutral shades.

  • For the installation of a geyser, southeast direction will be the best.


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