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Vastu Shastra

Vastu for Staircase

Just like any other corner of the house, Vastu Shashtra has laid down rules and given recommendations on how to construct the staircase as well. Certain basic rules are to be followed while building the stairs in your house. The ideal directions given by Vastu should be followed to lead a prosperous and safe life. Being a heavy structure, a staircase should never be built in negative zones, as it can lead to a lot of losses. To avoid such troublesome situations, it is rightly advised to follow the correct Vastu when one plans to build the staircase. The article gives some valuable Vasthu tips and guidelines to plan and accordingly, construct your stairs, so that they bring affluence and help you to flourish.

Vaastu Tips For Staircase

  • Make the staircase southern or western part of the house as these directions are heavy. It should never be built in the northeast corner of the house, as it leads to loss of wealth and the owner may even have to face bankruptcy. In fact, the staircase in any other corner except the recommended one brings losses.

  • Build staircase in southeast facing east, northwest facing north, southwest facing west and southwest facing south, if it is external.

  • Begin the stairs from the east to west or from the north to south and a turn can be taken to any other side, if there is a dearth of space.

  • Make the number of stairs odd. It should not end with zero. The number of risers should be such odd numbers that when divided by 3, the remainder is always 2.

  • Paint staircase in light colors and completely avoid red and black shades.

  • Repair broken stairs immediately, as it may cause accidents or mental tension, following clashes.

  • Do not make staircase circular as it may cause ill effects on health. The staircase should not encircle the building because it invites calamites.

  • Do not build any room, such as kitchen, bathroom or pooja room, under staircase. The area can certainly be used for storage, though.

  • Do not use common staircase for going upstairs and to the basement as well.

  • The room with staircase in the southwest corner of the basement is not at all fit for living according to Vastu. As per observations, people living in such rooms experience undiagnosed diseases, high blood pressure, anemia and usually remain incurable.

  • Keeping doors at beginning and end of the staircase is considered auspicious. Care should be taken to ensure that the stairs do not touch the eastern or northern walls.

  • If a linear staircase is designed either inside or outside the house, it should begin from east to west or north to south. Afterwards, it may take any direction.

  • Staircase should be built in a way that the stairs are not directly visible to the guests. It is considered inauspicious.


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