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Vastu Shastra

Vastu for Living Room

The living room of any house gives the first impression about the people who live in it. It is the center of the house, which is purposefully decorated, as it serves to welcome the guests. Living room is not just about décor and style; it’s about a warm reception, greetings and promoting healthy interaction in the future. Vastu can help in creating an ambience of elegance, comfort and compatibility in the room. The article comes up with some valuable Vasthu guidelines for planning a living room, just for your benefit.

Vaastu Tips For Living Room


The location of living room, as per Vastu Shastra, depends on the particular direction that the house faces. For a north or east-facing house, the living room can be on the northeast direction. Similarly, for a west facing house, it can be located on the northwest side. If the house faces the south, then the living room can be on the southeast side.

Furniture Arrangement

Sofa sets can be kept against the south and west walls, but should not touch them. The furniture should be placed in such a way that it allows free movement from the living room into other rooms, but avoid cluttering. It is a good idea to have a floor level or a table mounted podium lamp, with red or orange light, in the area between the items that relate to southeast (energy).

Water Fountains & Fish Aquarium

Water is best kept in the north of the living room. This can be in the form of a small water fountain that runs throughout the day. Fountains that are made of natural materials, like copper, stone, glass, clay, stainless steel, and bamboo, are good for living room. They can be wall, floor or tabletop mounted. You can have a small fish aquarium with seven fishes of one family (red and gold) and two fishes of a different family (black) in the north of the living room.

Protruding & Abrasive Corners

The furniture should not face protruding or sharp corners of columns or pillars. Such protrusions and corners can imbalance the primary elements. To minimize the imbalance, they can be aesthetically camouflaged with indoor plants that are not thorny. Such corners or edges can also be softened with cascading, crawling, or tree-like plants.

Paintings And Pictures

Paintings can be used to generate positive energy in the living room. The north wall of the living room can have paintings/pictures of long distance waters, to stimulate the positive effects of water. Avoid paintings that depict death, violence, or other negative aspects of life.

Electronic Gadgets

If you want to keep television in the living room, place it in such a way that you have to face the east or north corner, while watching it. Power can be drawn from sockets placed in the east of southeast of the living room. Other electronic gadgets, like air conditioners, air coolers, and audio systems, can also be kept in the living room with power being drawn from the east of southeast.


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