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Education in India

Distant Education in India

Indian educational system has experienced modification since its independence. There was a huge development in Indian education. Various courses such as distance learning courses, online courses and non formal education system developed in the country. However, there is an immense difference in the Distant Education in India and online education in the country. Though, all online degree programmes can be termed as distance learning courses, yet distance-learning courses cannot be identified as online courses. The difference lies because the technology used in both the mode are different.

In a country like India, the meaning of distance education is tremendous. Moreover, Distant Education in India significantly improves the quality of life of the people by providing education accessible to the interior part of the country. Distance education is preferred by those who cannot afford to attend regular classes. The course fee of the distance education courses is much lesser than the regular courses and one can pursue higher education of one`s choice in distance-learning courses.

India has several central open universities that offer excellent distance education courses in almost all the Indian states. These state distance learning institutes contribute a lot to increase the percentage of people pursuing higher education. Though, the number of distance learning Institutes and the courses that offered differ from state to state, yet Distant Education in India is increasingly becoming popular. The advantages of distance learning courses ensure that every person can pursue education from any state or university within the country. In the recent times several open universities in India provide distance education to those who are interested in taking up professional courses or any other educational course of their interest.

Most of the Indian states provide opportunity for distance learning such as New Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bihar, Gujarat, West Bengal, and Uttar Pradesh. Apart from open universities, there are many state universities such as University of Delhi, University of Mumbai, Maharashtra, Punjab University, Osmania University, and Hyderabad which have separate department for the distance learning programme. In addition to that the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) had established Distance Education Council or DEC in order to manage the whole distance learning programme.

Distance Education Council must approve all the degrees awarded through Distant Education in India. This Distance education council lays down guidelines of education to support excellence, promotes use of modern technology, and permits a union of all educational systems. Moreover, the council allocates funds through a joint networking for access of education, by providing training to all. Distance learning process became popular all over the country both in urban and rural areas for the different courses offered in a reasonable worth.


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