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Weddings in India

Sindhi Post Wedding Rituals

Weddings are great time to make merry and reunite with the family members. Colorful and vibrant, Sindhi wedding rituals are extremely lively and just like marriages performed in other regions of India, extend even after the marriage. Mostly revolved around the bride, the rituals performed are great way to break the ice and make the bride comfortable in the new home and with the new family members. Also, through these rituals, the bride blends with her new family members. In the Sindhi post marriage rituals, there are three main customs practiced - datar ceremony, chhanar tradition and sataurah custom. In the following lines, we have given detailed information about each of the post wedding ceremony.

Sindhi Post Wedding Customs

Datar Ceremony
It is a welcome ceremony for the bride in her husband's house. The arrival of the newly weds is declared by the beating of drums. At the house entrance, the groom's parents wash their daughter-in-law's feet. At the time when the bride sprinkles milk throughout the house; her in-laws cover her head.

The bride picks a handful of salt and places it in her husband's hand. He gives it back to her, without spilling any salt. This is carried out thrice. Similarly, the "datar" is done with other family members. The basic idea behind doing this is that like the salt blends well and gives taste to the food, the bride must also blend and become an integral part of the family.

Chhanar Tradition
The wedding becomes complete with the performance of Chhanar tradition, also known as Dev Uthana. In this custom, Devs (chakki installed as a totemic deity) is removed. With this ritual, it is believed that the wedding tradition is complete.

Sataurah Custom
In the Sataurah custom, the newly wedded couple visits the bride's home at an auspicious time, as told by the priest, for the first time after marriage. The newly wed couple is bestowed with gifts in the form of clothing, jewelry, sweets and wrapped presents.


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