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Maharashtrian Wedding Ceremony

The Maharashtrian wedding is full of pomp and show, exhibiting magnificent grandeur. The rituals followed in the marriage are reflect the indigenous Maharashtrian vibrant and colorful culture. Usually, marriages among the Maharashtrians take place in the morning, because the auspicious time (muhurat) chosen for the wedding generally falls in the day time. The wedding ceremonies last for about three days (including the pre-wedding and post-wedding rituals). The rituals followed during the occasion are simple, yet very impressive, which makes the spectator say that Maharashtrian wedding is truly amazing!

The preparations for the Maharashtrian marriage start well before the wedding, (known as pre-wedding rituals), wherein packet of sugar are exchanged between the prospective bride and the groom, followed by a couple of pujas and the Haldi ceremony. This is followed by the wedding ceremony, which is also kept short and sweet. The post-wedding rituals are divided into two phases, wherein the bride bids goodbye to her home and enters her groom's to start a new life with him. Overall, Maharashtrian wedding ceremony is truly delightful to look at, right from its pre-wedding to the post-wedding customs. Here in this section, we provide you complete information on the rituals followed in a typical Maharashtrian wedding ceremony.

Maharashtrian Pre-Wedding Rituals
The Maharashtrian wedding is a ceremonious occasion filled with colorful rituals, which mesmerizes the spectator. The pre-wedding rituals are as lively as the wedding itself, which is an important turning point in every one's life. The pre-marriage ceremonies of the Maharashtrian wedding are organized to honor the couple, who are soon going to live a new life. Prior to the marriage, the bride and the groom are pampered in a number of ways, such as, applying turmeric powder and showering of gifts.

Maharashtrian Wedding Rituals
The traditional Maharashtrian wedding is organized with religious observance. It is a simple ceremony, wherein the bride and the groom tie the wedding knot and pledge their lifetime companionship to the other half, in a very special way. The wedding, which is usually held in a mandap, is a brief affair consisting of antarpaat, Laxmi Narayan puja and jhal phirawne.

Maharashtrian Post-Wedding Rituals
Maharashtrian post-wedding rituals are as simple as the customs followed on the day of the wedding. After tying the nuptial knot, the bride and the groom seek the blessings of the elderly people of their family, feast on a lavish dinner at the reception party and enter the latter's home to start a new life. The entire post-wedding ceremony, although observed religiously, incorporates a number of things that make it very interesting to witness.


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