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Indian Groom

There was a time when the only preparation that an Indian groom used to make, in context of his wedding, was to buy his wedding dress. On the D-day, he did nothing more than shaving off the beard, wearing the dress, combing his hair and applying a bit of perfume. However, all this has changed with time. These days, the guy is almost as conscious of his looks as the girl. He also wants to look his best on the wedding day and is ready to undertake efforts in relation with the same, right from making appointments with the hair stylist to working out in the gym, to get a fit look on the most special day of his life.

Talking about Indian groom preparations, the first thing that comes into mind is the wedding dress. He will have to decide from amongst the numerous options, which include sherwani, achkan, kurta pajama, kurta dhoti and western suits. Then, there will be the accessories, like watch, cuff links, tie pins, belts, shoes, and the like. He will also have to get his hair styled in the best possible way and wear just the right amount of perfume. In case you are one of the guys going to be married soon and are looking out for some tips to help you get prepared for the D-day, this section will serve your needs perfectly.

Accessories For Groom
In a wedding, bride and groom are the holders of maximum attention.There is not even a single person in the guests list who doesn't look at them. Thus, it is very necessary for both of them to look their very best, on the D-day. In comparison to the bride, a groom has lesser options for adorning himself. However, he is not completely devoid of them altogether. One of the main adornments for the groom comprises of the accessories.

Indian Groom Attire Trend
Indian wedding is a grand affair, comprising of lavish feasts, abundant decorations and lots of ceremonies. Throughout the wedding, it is the bride and groom who prove to be the center of attention. This, combined with the fact that it is the most important day of their life, is the reason why both of them spend a lot of time in planning their overall look for the wedding, paying full attention to the dress, shoes, accessories, and the like. In this article, we have listed the outfits that make up the perfect options for Indian groom attire.

Groom Hair Care
When it comes to a wedding, brides are known to spend the maximum time in preparation. After all, they have so many things to decide upon, right from the wedding dress and shoes to accessories, handbag and cosmetics. However, with the passing time, the grooms have also started paying a lot more attention to their looks.

Trends in Sherwani
When it comes to an Indian wedding, sherwanis counts amongst the most popular dressing options for the groom. A traditional attire of Indian men, it was initially worn only by the males in Uttar Pradesh, along with the city of Hyderabad. However, with the passing time, sherwani came to be the ultimate wedding attire, wooing grooms in almost all the parts of India.

Skin Car Tips For Groom
Gone are the days when grooming for men only involved shaving off the beard and apply aftershave. These days, guys have become almost as conscious of their looks as girls. They have started going to saloons and even indulge in things like threading and waxing. And when a guy is going to become a groom soon, you can bet on it that he will leave no stone unturned to make sure that he looks perfect on the D-day.

Choosing Wedding Suits
There was a time when Indian grooms used to stick to traditional dresses, like sherwani, achkan and kurta pajama, for their wedding.However, the trend has changed with the passing time. Though the traditional wear is still dominating the scenario, these days, we also see many of the grooms going for western suits, as their wedding attire.


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