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Weddings in India

Kashmiri Wedding Ceremony

Kashmir is popularly known as the "Paradise on Earth". Flaunting beautiful valleys, snow covered mountain peaks, stretching plains with flowerbeds and frizzy air, the place has a unique folk-lore, dress, language, traditions and cuisine. Kashmir also has a distinct cultural and ethnic background which is also seen in their marriages. Effervescent and elaborate are two terms that perfectly describe a Kashmiri wedding. It is also said that Kashmiris practice the largest number of rituals and customs, as compared to the other parts of India. However, the best feature about these rituals is that they are enjoyable and give ample of opportunity to all the relatives to enjoy.

Kashmiri wedding ceremony is full of pomp and show. In Kashmiri weddings, horoscope matching of the prospective bride and groom is given a lot of importance. Kashmiris lay emphasis on checking the compatibility between the two families, in terms of background, status and reputation. Once the match is found, pre wedding ceremonies are performed. Thereafter, on the actual day elaborate rituals and ceremonies mark the celebration. Once the bride and the bridegroom tie the nuptial knot, it is time to celebrate and make merry. To know in detail about each of the aspect of Kashmiri matrimonial customs and traditions, explore the information given below.

Kashmiri Pre Wedding Rituals
Wedding is all about merriment and cheerfulness. However to make the day a perfect one, hectic preparations and organizations mark the preparation phase of the weddings and Kashmiri marriage is no exception. Before tying the nuptial knot on the actual day, there are a number of ceremonies that are performed. These traditions practiced are termed as pre-wedding rituals.

Kashmiri Wedding Rituals
A splendid affair, marriages in Kashmir is one of the most flamboyant and ostentatious ones practiced in India. Having its own charm and luster, the huge list of rituals observed before and after the Kashmiri marriage makes it a prolonged affair. Similar to the Hindu marriage, in Kashmiri wedding, a purohit plays a major role in the wedding ceremony. He performs the rituals in front of a sacred fire.

Kashmiri Post Wedding Rituals
Weddings pose as a great time for enjoying and making merry. It gives ample of opportunity to re-bond with all the relatives and rejoice the union of two individuals. One of the vital features of a Kashmiri wedding is the pre, per and post wedding traditions practiced. Apart from the ritualistic practices and the religious obligations that are performed on the wedding day, there are a number of traditions that are specifically practiced after the marriage ceremony is over.


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