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Weddings in India

Indian Wedding Preparation

Unlike the West, an Indian Wedding is more a religious ritual than a social ceremony. That is why; an Indian wedding is full of several traditional rituals and cultural customs being followed from centuries. It is an elaborate, expensive and emotional event full of sacred religious rituals and customs. For Indians, wedding is a grand affair that includes participation from each and every family member, relatives and even neighbors. In India, a wedding calls for a grand feast and loud celebrations (by bursting crackers and playing music).

Indian Wedding is not only a nuptial knot between two human beings rather it is a tie between two families. Preparation of Indian Wedding begins from the search of prospective bride and groom. In general, the wedding is arranged by finding a suitable bride or groom by the parents or relatives. However, nowadays the love marriages have also become common, where the bride or groom is selected by a person himself/herself. In some families, the horoscope of the girl and boy is also matched before finalizing the marriage, so as to find out the compatibility between both of them. However, once both the party agrees to the relationship, the wedding preparations begin in a family.

First of all, a pre-wedding announcement is done through a formal engagement ceremony which is called Roka or Sagaai where both the families exchange gifts and good luck charms. An auspicious day is then decided according to the astrological charts and horoscopes of the prospective bride and groom for the marriage day. Shopping of jewelry, wedding attire, household items and gifts start in both the families. Booking of venue, arranging caterers, music bands are also simultaneously done. However to avoid hassle, most of the families now consult professional wedding planners for such requirements.

Along with the shopping and arrangement for the wedding day, several pre-wedding rituals go hand in hand; this includes Haldi, Chunni and Sagan rituals in general. Two or three days before the marriage, the Sangeet and Mehndi Rasam take place at the bride and groom families. In the main day preparation we have the wedding feast, stage or mandap Decor as the important activities. The wedding day is like agrand celebration where both the families involve in merry making. Once the groom arrives at the wedding venue, he and his family are welcomed in a royal manner and religious rituals like Jai Mala, Kanya Daan, Phere and Sindoor Daan is solemnized by a priest at theMandap.

Choosing Wedding Caterer
An Indian Wedding calls for a grand feast and for a grand feast you need a wonderful menu and scrumptious cuisines. Earlier family members of the bride used to take care of the menu and quality of food to ensure a grand feast, but now due to the increasing work pressure on professional front

Wedding Flower Decor Tips
In every wedding ceremony flowers play an important role. Flower gives a new and fresh dimension to the wedding decor. Even an Indian wedding the ambience of the venue seems incomplete without a proper flower decor. From Mandap to the cars, the bed rooms to the halls and the pooja rooms to the veranda

Pre Wedding Preparation
Any wedding requires a lot of prior planning and especially if you are planning an Indian Wedding, you need to do a lot of arrangementsbefore the Wedding Day. In an Indian Wedding, there are several rituals and customs to be performed before the wedding day, other than this, simultaneous arrangement of all the required item

Shopping guide for Indian Wedding
Shopping for wedding purpose should be done wisely. There are lots of thing to buy before a wedding ceremony. So it is always advisable to shop in advance and within your budget. Whenever you start shopping for wedding purpose you should prepare a budget and a list of items you have to buy.

Theme Weddings in India
Wedding celebration is an event of a lifetime for all Indians. Everybody wants to make his or her wedding ceremony special. They want to celebrate the function in such a manner that it will be remembered for long time. The most recent trend that has come in fashion to make a wedding ceremony special is a ’theme wedding concept’.

Wedding Budget
Indian wedding ceremonies are an elaborate and expensive affair. A budget plan is an important requirement for any wedding so that onlythat you do not get a sharp dent on your pocket. In case you do havetime or you are not good at budgeting, you can always hire a weddingplanner to plan everything for you.

Indian Wedding Favors Idea
Indian wedding is the time to have fun and enjoyment. It is the time when the entire family meets to celebrate the auspicious occasion. Wedding is regarded as the most important social event any family. It is expected that the guests who come to celebrate are treated well and given wonderful wedding favors.

Wedding Invitation Card
Indian weddings have a riot of rituals and customs and according to the tradition, all the guests are invited to the wedding function through invitation card. Invites form an imperative component of a wedding ceremony. They are quintessential and qualify as the first step towards inviting your family and friends for the auspicious occasion.

Indian Wedding Song
The foot tapping songs, beat of the Dhol and string of the Tumba - it is just the ideal setting of an Indian wedding ceremony. In Hinducustom and ritual, music plays a very important role, be it any festival or wedding ceremony. Music not only adds to the festive mood, but also makes the wedding function more lively and special.

Wedding Size
Planning the wedding size is really a tough job. Right from planning and organizing to coordinating and executing, each phase of the wedding ceremony calls for a lot of attention. Deciding the size ofthe wedding is an important consideration to make. Along with your partner, it should be one of the primary things that one must sort out.

Deciding Wedding Venue
Deciding the wedding venue is an important factor. It is a dream of every boy and girl that their wedding venue should be a like a fairyland or a royal palace. They fantasize about their dream venue long before the actual wedding day. Nowadays, having a dream venue or destination for marriage is no longer "just" a dream

Main Day Function
Indian wedding is a grand affair and involves adherence to a large number of customs and rituals. These traditions can be subdivided into three groups - pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding. The sheernumber of ceremonies, which comprise an Indian wedding, require the family of the bride as well as the groom to make all the preparations in advance.

Post Wedding Preparation
Wedding, in India, is a grand affair and is characterized by hectic preparation, planning and organization. Even the simplest of wedding requires immense arrangement and preparation. Just like wedding rituals are divided into three stages, such as pre wedding, wedding and post wedding, in the same way, wedding preparations are also divided into three stages - pre wedding preparation, wedding preparation and post wedding preparation.


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