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Oriya Wedding Ceremony

Located on the east coast of India, by the Bay of Bengal, Orissa is one of the most beautiful and stunning states of India. The people in Orissa believe in simple living and are not very extravagant and extrovert, which is well reflected in their lifestyle. Just like their lifestyle, a special occasion in Orissa such as wedding is also a simple affair. Though the basic ritual and the ceremony are akin to those practiced in Hindu marriage ceremony, there are differences in many aspects as well. Simplicity and straightforwardness characterize the Oriya weddings. Wedding is considered as a blissful affair and is solemnized with many rites and rituals.

Much like the other Indian weddings, Oriya weddings are also a prolonged occasion. The rituals and the customs do not just begin on the wedding day. Instead, they are a stretched affair and are carried out much before and after the D-Day as well. One of the unique characteristics found in Oriya wedding is that the mother of the bridegroom does not participate in it. Also, the aged female members in the family of the groom do not attend the wedding ceremony. While the Oriya Brahmins have their weddings in the daytime, the non-Brahmin prefer to ritual to take place in the evening or night. To know more about the traditional pre, per and post wedding ritual, browse through the following lines.

Oriya Pre Wedding Rituals
The simple lifestyle of the people of Orissa reflects in the occasion of marriage as well. Oriya wedding can be defines as a simple affair, free from any complexities and lavishness. However, even the simplest of weddings in India have a riot of rituals and ceremonies that are practiced, and Oriya wedding is no exception.

Oriya Wedding Rituals
Wedding in Orissa is a simple affair and is devoid of any extravaganza or opulence. Though the ceremony performed is much like those performed in the Hindu marriage ceremony, there are many different aspects to it. Simplicity and modesty are important factors that define an Oriya wedding. The rituals performed are not at all elaborate.

Oriya Post Wedding Rituals
Weddings are all about traditions and rituals that are spiced up with much enthusiasm and fervor. Talking about Oriya wedding, a blissful affair, the ceremonies in the wedding of this particular class of India, do not end with the wedding day. Instead, there are some important traditions that are carried out even after the wedding day.


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