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Weddings in India

Pre Wedding Functions

Indian weddings are known for their grandeur and elaborate nature. Though the main wedding function is limited to few hours on the wedding day, the pre-wedding rituals and customs go on for no less than a week. The pre-wedding rituals consist of all the customs that are done before the wedding rituals on the Mandap or the venue of marriage. Pre-wedding rituals are of immense significance because they are considered to be auspicious and propitious for the forth coming wedding ceremony.

Though people often think that only the Hindu marriage ceremonies have extensive pre-wedding rituals but you will be surprised to know that almost all the Indian marriages have the same elaborate and intricate nature with almost four or five days dedicated only to the pre-wedding rituals. The pre-wedding rituals do not always consist of serious religious ritual but also some amusing and entertaining rituals.

In Hindu marriage ceremonies, the pre-wedding rituals begin days before the wedding date with Roka or formal commitment of both the families towards marriage. It is followed by Sagaai (engagement), Haldi, Mehndi, Sangeet and several such customs varying from families to families. Even in a Muslim marriage, the rituals of mehandi and sangeet take place before the wedding ceremony. People of all other religions -Jain, Parsee, Christians, Buddhists and Jewish in India, have different kinds of pre-wedding ceremonies to mark the beginning of the auspicious phase of marriage.

Engagement Ceremony
Marriage is regarded as the most important social as well as religious event in Indian culture. The concept of marriage can be traced back to Vedic times. Even now, it is considered to be the most sacred and vital affair in one’s life. An Indian wedding, as known to everybody, is extremely elaborate and intricate affair. The wedding related rituals begin days before the wedding ceremony in forms of pre-wedding rituals.

Mehendi Celebration
Weddings in India are considered to be a sacred and sanctified ritual. They are long ritualistic and elaborate affair with lots of pre-wedding, wedding, post wedding ritual. The occasion of Mehendi is one of the most important pre-wedding rituals. It is fun a filled ritual, which is celebrated mainly by the bride's family. Different regions of the country celebrate the ritual in a different way according to their own marriage customs, rituals, and culture.

Sangeet Party
Indian Wedding is not only about serious rituals and customs rather it is also full of several fun filled rituals and frothy moments. Though people in India regard marriage more as a religious affair, the elements of fun and frolic are also added into it, to make this emotional affair, somewhat light and amusing. In fact, most of the pre-wedding rituals are designed in away that there is a scope of entertainment.

Tilak Ceremony
Indian wedding is a grand and elaborate affair. The wedding celebrations begin days before the actual wedding day and last weeks after that. In between the wedding day and the formal finalization of marriage, several pre-wedding ceremonies take place. These pre-wedding rituals are actually traditional customs that are considered to be auspicious for the forth coming wedding as well as the married life of the would-be couple.


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