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Weddings in India

Assamese Wedding Ceremony

In the land of cultural ethnicity - India - you can witness myriad rituals and variations in the customs, as you travel across the length and breadth of the subcontinent. The traditions followed down south are entirely in contrast with those prevalent in the northern part of the country. It applies to the eastern and the western states as well. If you peruse the culture of the eastern state of Assam, you will see many variations in the customs observed during important ceremonies, like wedding. The traditional Assamese marriage is divided into two phases - the pre-wedding and wedding ceremonies.

The Assamese marriage is a two or three-day program, wherein the groom's mother pays a visit to the bride's house, before the wedding. The groom's mother greets her future daughter-in-law. She applies sindoor (holy vermilion) on the bride's hair partition. Thereafter, she presents the wedding trousseau to the bride. On the day of the wedding, the bride and the groom are given auspicious bath in their respective homes. The bride's maternal uncle and brother play a prominent part during the wedding ceremony, which is conducted at a mandap. In this section, you will read all about the Assamese wedding ceremony and the rituals associated with it.

Assamese Pre-Wedding Rituals
Wedding is a prominent celebration in India. The rituals followed before, during and after the marriage vary largely, depending upon the region, where the ceremony is held. As far as the Assamese wedding is concerned, the rituals performed right from the preparations to the culmination of the occasion, are unique in their own terms.

Assamese Wedding Rituals
Although different regions of India have varied rituals for wedding, the same thought of prosperity and goodwill of the newly wedded couple reflects in every part of the country. In the eastern state of Assam, the wedding ritual is in total contrast with that seen down south or at the western extreme of the subcontinent. The Assamese have a different perception about wedding, wherein the reception party can be held prior to the ceremony as well.


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