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Weddings in India

Indian Wedding Planners

Till a few years back, nobody had even heard of the term 'wedding planner', forget about hiring someone in the capacity. However, today, a major proportion of the weddings are being handled by theprofessionals called by this very term only, apart from being known as wedding coordinators and even wedding planner consultants. In fact, in the present times, it has become a style statement to hirea wedding planner, who will take care of all the marriage ceremonies. The trend has caught on in India as well and in most of the high-end Indian weddings, you will always find a consultant making all the preparations, leaving the parents of the bride as well as the groom to be at ease.

A wedding planner, as the name suggests, is someone who makes all the arrangements regarding a marriage, at a price. He/she takes over your tension of making the arrangements for the special day and helps you savor every moment of wedding. Planning out everything as per your needs and aspirations, a wedding party consultant gives vision to your dreams and turns them into reality. The common services provided by a wedding planner consultant include venue and caterer selection and reservation, decoration arrangement, pre- and post-wedding arrangement, hair and make-up arrangements, guest transportation and help with wedding attire selection. In case you feel like hiring one, we have listed information on the wedding coordinators in the major cities of India, right here.

Bangalore Wedding Planner
The concept of wedding planners is gaining popularity with the passing time. There was a time when the father, uncles and brothers of the bride (and groom) used to start running around months in advance, to have all the wedding preparations done in time.

Chandigarh Wedding Planner
Chandigarh, the City Beautiful, witnesses its fair share of weddings every year. And, with the rest of the country, the fever of hiring wedding planners (to arrange each and every aspect of the wedding) has caught on there as well. With the tension of arrangements handed over to the professional

Chennai Wedding Planner
Wedding planners, the concept introduced in India a couple of years back, has become a full-fledged trend now. People across the countryare hiring professionals to take care of their wedding needs, so that they can enjoy the various ceremonies to the fullest.

Hyderabad Wedding Planner
Wedding is one of the most important occasions in the life of an individual as well as his family members. Thus, it is essential thateach and every one of them enjoys it to the fullest. However, in midst of all the wedding preparations, many of the close ones of the bride/groom end up missing the events related to her/his marriage.

Kolkata Wedding Planner
Be it Delhi, Chennai or Kolkata, the concept of wedding planners canbe seen to have taken over all the major cities in India. In fact, people in the smaller cities and towns of the country have also started looking forward to professionals for help. The reason isthat wedding coordinators take over all the fuss associated withwedding

Mumbai Wedding Planner
Whether you want your wedding to be a grand affair (including who's who of the society) or a simple event (comprising of only the close friends and relatives), hiring a wedding planner is a great idea. He/she takes upon all the work related to the wedding, leaving youfree and at ease, to take part in each and every ritual.

Delhi Wedding Planner
Indian weddings make up a grand affair, which includes a large number of rituals and customs - before, during and after the marriage. However, most of the times, the immediate family members of the bride/groom are so busy in making the arrangements that theydo not get time to be a part of the every ritual.

Pune Wedding PlannerAs the concept of wedding planners continues to gain rising popularity, people across India have also started hiring professionals for helping them with, rather taking over, the wedding preparations. Wedding being such a grand affair in the country, nobody wants to take chances and make even the slightest of mistakes.


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