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India votes against decision on climate change debate at Security Council

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As expected, India on Monday voted against a draft resolution seeking to create a formal space for climate changerelated discussions at the UN Security Council. The resolution fell through following a veto from Russia.
India and Russia were the only countries to have opposed the draft resolution; China abstained.
The draft resolution, sponsored by Ireland and Nigeria, sought to enable the Security Council to take up routine discussions on climate change from the perspective of its impact on peace and conflicts worldwide. As of now, the appropriate UN forum to discuss all matters on climate change is the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), whose more than 190 members meet multiple times every year, including at a twoweek annual conference towards the end of the year.
One of the little-discussed aspects of climate change is its impact on international peace and security, the direct impact of climate-induced food and water shortages, loss of land or livelihoods, or migration. Supporters and supporters of the draft resolution argued that it would be desirable for the Security Council to address the issue as it would affect UN field missions deployed to maintain peace and security.
India, China and Russia opposed the move from the beginning, arguing that the Security Council’s intervention on climate change would undermine the UNFCCC process and disproportionately affect a small number of developed countries on climate change decisions.

India explained its decision to oppose the draft resolution, saying that the UNFCCC had already proposed a “thoughtful and equitable architecture” that had an equal voice for each country and adequately recognized the “national conditions” of each country.

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