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5 Signs You Need to Make a Switch to LED Luminaires

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LED lights are the lighting choice of the future and industries across the globe are adopting this technology at a fast pace. The lighting industry is witnessing a major overhaul, and this is all due to LED lights. As an efficient lighting solution, LED lights can fulfil every lighting role effectively.

Since LED luminaires are efficiently lighting industries, office spaces, retail stores, and public spaces because of their various advantages, it can be highly beneficial for your business to switch and see the difference.

Here are reasons why you need to make a switch to LED luminaires

You Pay a Lot in Electricity Bills

If your office is still powered by conventional lighting systems such as CFLs or Halogens, then you must be paying huge amount in electricity bills every month. Conventional lighting systems are highly inefficient and can raise your operational costs exponentially. By cutting down on watts, you can reduce the amount it costs to light up your office. LEDs produce more light per watt, and this makes them a highly efficient lighting solution. For instance, a 9-watt LED light produces the same amount of light as a 60-watt incandescent bulb.

Your Lighting Looks Outdated

There are things such as mismatched fixtures and inconsistent colour scheme, that can spoil the aesthetics of your workplace. With LED luminaires, your office will follow a uniform colour scheme, and all different lighting fixtures will complement one another if bought from the same lighting manufacturer. LED lights such as VERGE LED from Wipro Lighting, won the Red Dot Award 2017 for its innovative design and sleek profile. As a recessed LED luminaire, it offers visual harmony and improves the aesthetics of an office space. With over 60% of energy savings, it is light on the pocket and easy on the eyes.

You Don’t Want to Replace Your Lighting System Again for Next 10 Years

LED luminaires are highly durable and have superior longevity when compared to conventional lighting solutions. Most manufacturers rate their LED lights to operate under normal conditions for 10 years or 50,000 hours of continuous use. If you are looking for a long-term investment in lighting solutions, choosing LED lights is your only option. However, you must carefully assess the LED manufacturer and their services before refurbishing to LED lights. Technologically advanced lighting fixtures from an established manufacturer will certainly reduce maintenance costs in the long run and provide adequate customer support when required. Manufacturers like Wipro Lighting have an extensive network of 20+ branches across the country, with over 350 dedicated stockists that will ease the process of installation and maintenance.

You Need a Smart Lighting Solution

LED luminaires are powered by a semiconductor and can be controlled using different sensors. Furthermore, LEDs can be integrated with a network and can be used to automate processes. Facility managers can manage the entire grid of lighting and keep a status of every fixture. It will also provide a detailed analysis of the entire lighting system.

You are Switching to Green Practices

LED luminaires not only reduce energy consumption and save costs, but are also free from hazardous elements. Conventional lighting solutions such as fluorescent lights contain mercury, but LED lights do not and are much safer. No wonder today, businesses and industries are adopting LEDs to conform to greener business practices. For instance, Wipro Lighting, a key LED manufacturer offered Technopolis IT Park, Kolkata (one of the largest green buildings in India) three key solutions to meet their design and energy efficiency criteria. The use of energy efficient luminaires, day light sensors and occupation detection sensors were proposed to help them meet their needs.

LED lights are the preferred lighting choice for illuminating office spaces and industries. With such unparalleled advantages, you will be contributing to modern society by opting for environmentally viable solutions. None of these can be achieved with conventional lighting solutions. Since the ever-increasing utilisation of lighting, LED luminaires are successfully bridging the gap between technology and lighting applications. If you are looking to benefit your business, then LED lighting solutions must be considered.

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