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Apple and Samsung back in patent row

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Apple and Samsung back in patent row
Apple and Samsung back in patent row

London – Apple and Samsung are reportedly locking horns yet again over the latter infringing some of the tech giant’s patents, and both would see court to establish how much the compensation would be paid by the South Korean giant.

Samsung had been found guilty of infringing six Apple patents related to the user interface to which, Apple sought around 2.5 billion dollars in penalty for damages, but the court awarded one billion dollars in compensation.

According to the BBC, Apple has claimed that Samsung copied its designs for the bodies of the original iPhone and iPad as well as user-interface elements such as the bounce-back response when a person scrolls beyond the end of list and tap-to-zoom.

Meanwhile, Samsung has argued that it was already working on rounded rectangular handsets dominated by a screen and a single button, months before the iPhone was revealed and sought 519 million dollars in damages from the tech giant.

Earlier this year, a judge said that part of the damages, amounting to 450million dollars would need to be assessed at a new trial.

The report said that the 450 million dollars could be increased or lowered, which means that Apple could conceivably end up with more than the original one billion dollars awarded at the first trial.

Apple has asked for a sales ban to be imposed on the Samsung products that had been found to infringe the patents, which would prove a bigger win for the tech giant than the financial compensation.

In October, the South Korean company had offered to stop taking rivals to court in Europe over alleged infringements of certain types of patents for a period of five years.

The two companies are currently locked in a battle in the courts of more than 10 countries across Europe, the report added.

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