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Everything You Need to Know About Level Measurement : An Integral Part of Process Control

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There are many
industries that manufacture products that would be measured in some fashion.
How and why they are measured is the big question here. The companies first and
foremost need to know how much product they are making for control factors as
well as to keep up production and stay on track for the trends. Another reason
they would need to measure is removing a certain amount of product from their
facilities to another location. Measurements would again be required to know
how much of the product to remove and how much a client might need at a given

What is Level Measurement?

First off, what
exactly is the level measurement? Flow measurement is an intelligent way of
essentially taking a reading of how much of a substance is in a specified container.
The containers could be anything from a drum, tank, silo, pipes, or bins that
hold a variety of goods. These goods are manufactured in the Industrial field
and include oil, gas, cement, coal, and minerals as their primary outputs.

How is Level Measurement Used?

Let’s talk about
some of the ways level measurement is used in process control across these many
industries. When these industries make their products, they are often moving
their product from one place to another where they need to be precise about
exactly tracking what is going and out of each place. The owner would need to
know exactly how much product to put into a tanker to send to a client, and how
much that particular tanker holds so they would know how much to bill the

Picture getting
your oil tanks or propane gas tanks filled at your home. The
company would take a reading and would need to measure how much was left in a
tank so they would know how much was needed to fill them. The oil or gas
company that was delivering would also need to know how much product was left
in their tanker truck to see how many gallons they had left to make deliveries
with. If a pool needed filling, how much the tanker held would be an efficient
way to see how many trucks were needed to ensure a proper water level. A
measurement would also need to be taken for each tanker to see if that last
truck was fully emptied so they would know how many gallons to charge for.

Level Measurement Tools

There are
different kinds of level measurement tools. Continuous control level
measurement tools create a non-stop reading at a very accurate level. An
interface device or neutron backscatter foam level is a compact way for
industries like refineries to ensure output in coke drums is at maximum
capacity as well as minimize foam. A point level switch automatically senses
the level of liquids in a variety of vessels.

Measurement is not just used to tell how much of something is in a container.
It can also prevent things from happening, such as overflow. If a bin is
filling or there is liquid flowing from one bin to the next, level measurement products can
prevent the bins from overflowing with the gauges they use for measuring such
as a point level control. Point level controls can also sense a bin being empty
when it shouldn’t be. This can be beneficial if a drum or bin has to always
have a certain level of liquid in it, the sensor would tell you when it got too
low or too high for the range it should usually be in, thus preventing any
damage or long-range lapse in production that might be caused by the level
being off from its’ normal capacity.

Probe sensors
can make sure that hazardous materials aren’t being moved by outside factors.
Something that can spill over or be influenced by outside factors, especially
in areas of the country where vibrations may occur either from weather factors,
or other influences like machinery, a probe sensor could alert one to something
catastrophic happening.

Continuous level
indicators obviously provide a continuous indicator, but they also will help
maintain accuracy in an industry where any sort of monitoring levels on a very
minute level and helping to maintain quality control throughout the whole process.

Although these
devices are used in an industry where many of the liquid devices are produced
and sold in bulk, they still are able to be used on a smaller level as well.
Anything from a small drum to a large gas tanker would need a level measurement
and many different styles are needed.

The cement and
coal industries would find that level measurement would help give accurately
detailed quantities for the output of their products. A quick analysis of a
given drum or vat would greatly reduce the need for other methods of how much
cement or coal might be inside, or on a longer measuring of transferring the
product from one place to another.


measurement has come a long way and also provided a very precise way of reading
how much of something is in a given container. There are various ways to take
these readings, but with the level measurement products that are on the market
now, it really takes the guesswork out of the game. Companies now have various
tools to be able to take the appraisals they need to as well as being as
accurate as they need to be to be efficient in the industry.

Technology is
making leaps and bounds every day and providing corporations, like the gas
industry, with ways of taking their jobs and finding tools to help them do
these jobs daily is a great benefit to all involved. Accuracy is one of the
most important details of the industrial market and with tools like level
measurement, there will be more focus on industrial arts growing in the future
and creating a better overall product. Level measurement has a wide span of
uses across many industries and will only create a more efficient manner for

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