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Face Recognition to Mobile Alerts- GPS Tracker That Aids All Your Needs

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“When you think of GPS, you think of a map of technological advancements that gets you anywhere in the world.”

Human lives are already filled with responsibilities and commitments. How can we de-stress our lives? Fortunately, with technological advancements, especially in global positioning satellites and its related devices, our lives have become so much easier.

Back in the days, the technology was only available for military use, but today common man can also take its advantages. Easy setup devices are built for daily use to make our commute safer and more comfortable. You can also buy GPS trackers online anywhere around the globe. GPS tracking devices such as KENT CamEye do the work more than providing location updates.

Here’s how GPS tracking devices are helpful in daily lives:


The device has been made keeping in mind the need of the people. The device is not only easy to install but also easy to use. You can easily download the app from Play Store or App Store on your mobile device. Through the app, you can access the device anywhere around the world.

Improves Safety

When you buy GPS trackers like KENT CamEye, it comes with the feature of face recognition; this enables the owner to scan who is behind the wheel. The device sends an alert in the form of notification to make the owner aware that their vehicle is driven by a non-whitelisted person.

Enhances Vehicle Performance

Apart from providing live location status, additional features of GPS tracking devices offer updates such as idle running engine and AC, fuel consumption, and more. It may help your car improve its performance and consume less fuel. These metrics are also helpful in the service of the vehicle.

Real-Time Alerts

With the advancements in technology, vehicle tracking devices have become capable of providing instant real-time alerts in case of breach of any set parameters. Devices may provide alerts for over speeding, idle running engine, non-whitelisted person, and more.

Live Tracking

Vehicle tracking devices efficiently provide you live tracking facility. Especially if you have a chauffeur-driven vehicle for your kid’s use, the feature may be of great help.

Some instance from our daily lives helps determine the use of GPS vehicle trackers like KENT CamEye:

  1. The device can help locate the cars if your family is travelling in it. You can also check the route they are using to reach their destination.
  2. If your kids are chauffeur-driven to school and everywhere around, the live tracker will help you know the location of your kids. It will lessen your worry by providing real-time updates.
  3. If you have a driver for your car, you can keep a check on him. Whether he takes unauthorised trips or keeps the engine running for long, the device will alert you. It will help you save fuel.
  4. If you own a fleet of car and use it for taxing, the devices will help ensure the safety of the passengers. At any given time, if there is any loud noise coming from the cabin or increase in the temperature, it will instantly update you. Hence, ensuring the safety of everyone in the car.

GPS Trackers Are The Aid To Our Daily Needs

From the plethora of GPS trackers, you can order KENT CamEye straight to your doorsteps through the Amazon India. This device’s cutting-edge AI-based technology helps you ensure the security of your loved ones. It features a dual-camera setup, face recognition, live tracking and recording, cloud storage and more. Now, stop worrying about your family’s and car’s security and sit back with KENT CamEye.

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