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How to Migrate Your Data to the Cloud Safely?

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If your business has decided to migrate your data to cloud storage from a localized device such as a computer, or a USB, there are many factors which you need to consider to ensure that your data is safe in the future. Although the Cloud is a relatively safe option and has more security features than standard localized storage, there are still migration risks. These should always be addressed before you commit to using the Cloud.

Choose the Right Cloud Platform

Before you begin to move your data across to the Cloud, it is important that you take measures to choose a cloud platform that will provide you with the security precautions that your data needs. Not only are there multiple cloud providers, such as Microsoft and Google, but there are also different types of cloud platforms that can affect your business in different ways, such as private and public networks. While organizations control the security of private clouds, public cloud systems are organized by an exterior team who maintain the security systems. At www.bytes.co.uk, they can help you to create an effective and secure Microsoft cloud solution for your business, as well as resell this solution through a partnership with them.

Back Up Your Data

The next stage in checking that your cloud solution is as secure as possible is to back up your data. Although this will not prevent security threats to your business, it will ensure that if there is a problem with the cloud’s effect on your data, you will be able to view and retrieve your data. You can back up your data by storing it on multiple cloud platforms, or by using other methods such as a USB or physical copies in order to ensure that you are able to access this data whenever you need it, even if a security breach is set into motion.

Consider Security Measures

When you are migrating your documents to the Cloud, most cloud services provide comprehensive security measures to protect your data from breaches. They also ensure that if a data breach does occur, the threats will not be able to retrieve information easily. 72% of Indian businesses believe that these security measures are enough to protect their businesses. However, you can check that your data is secure by installing other useful security measures onto the cloud system. These include options such as encryption and firewalls to block threats and alert you to any issues that are occurring on your cloud platform on an almost instant basis.

Create a Security Policy

As a business, you should also make sure that you frequently test and monitor your security system by using activities such as penetration testing, which allows you to both check the level of security that your business data has and whether it is truly unreachable. This should be a part of a wider business security policy that you have adapted especially for cloud migration. This should include elements such as access controls and passwords to ensure that only the necessary employees are able to gain entry to your most important documents.

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