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HR Software Advantages and Process Involved in Attendance Management System

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In any company, the human factor is the backbone that crosses all areas of the company, taking into account the “power” of promoting the work in a coordinated way and transforming the organization, making it grow and more competitive.

Let’s think for a moment about what seems to be the best company in the world, no matter what the turnover of the company is. It may be the best company in the world, but to a large extent, you must have the people who work there, because, without them, the work could not be done alone.

A few days ago, I was talking with the director of a company. I realized that the assistant had spent about 20 years in the company and finally, it was time for her to retire. At the moment of doing it, the world fell apart. No one could match her work as only she knew the processes perfectly. They looked for a replacement for a year but never found it. This is a clear example of the fact that the human factor is what makes companies what they are, and that is why we must pay special attention to this element.

Information Available to Everyone, At All Times

Nowadays, technological solutions seek to create more functional schemes. This means that information is generated for companies and within them, it does not depend on a person. Therefore, access to information and its use is available to the same operation of the company and the position at that time.

Remote access to information to respond to the current needs that arise in the business world is a clear example of the evolution we are living in and how the sense of accessibility, mobility, and access to information is the immediate way to be decisive in the productivity of the companies. This access to information, coupled with the entry of the internet into the real world, has significantly transformed the work schemes, providing valuable advantages and, at the same time, presenting new alternatives such as the control and assistance of the staff.

Attendance Management System

One of the great challenges that companies have always faced has been the control of staff attendance. Previously, there were check-in cards and/or attendance books at the entrances. Currently, there are more varied solutions such as biometric and mobile tools for entry records at specific points. There is personnel who, due to their responsibilities, require greater control to achieve greater productivity, which translates into results for the organization and, therefore, benefits for employees.

It is a well-known fact that time is money. Nowadays, there are more and more jobs where employees must do field work which requires security control for them. In addition to this, it is important to consider that by 2025, it is expected that the millennials will represent more than 50% of the labor force and will redefine the corporate culture around flexible, open and collaborative work models.

Remote work is the norm, and this changes the appearance and size of offices, with a new focus on health and well-being within it. Some of the benefits that an HR software such as attendance management software has in the working of a company are:

For The Company:

  • Establish fair payments based on the concept of hourly payment, i.e., generate schemes with greater efficiency for companies
  • Certification of hourly payments to staff who actually comply with this scheme (validation with biometric equipment)
  • Evaluation of the efficiency of the company related to productivity vs. working hours. To understand this, some companies work half a day on Friday or some others that grant the last two weeks of the holiday year in exchange for increasing 15 minutes a day in the daily hours of the employees. With these systems, you can measure if it is really productive to grant these “benefits.”

For The Employee:

  • Establishment of fair payments in relation to the hours established at work, which can also be taken into account

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